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The Top Smart Gadgets for Christmas You Should Buy This Year

smart gadget for christmas

Smart gadgets for Christmas may sound like an expensive exercise. However, the technology is worth the investment and may help you save money in the long run. Plus, the thought of controlling your home by talking to your devices feels like too good an opportunity to miss.

Alexa devices maintain a 70 percent market share in America, and these days it’s pretty hard to find products that don’t use the Alexa system. North America leads on the sales front with smart home technology, and the trend may increase as more of us invest in the technology. With that in mind, we have created a list of smart gadgets to suit everyone’s budget.

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Smart Gadgets for Christmas

Our comprehensive list of smart gadgets for Christmas covers a variety of budgets and devices. The Smart Light Bulb from Gosund is a great starting point to explore voice-controlled lights. And the Caseta Smart Start Kit from Lutron remains an excellent starter kit to whet your smart home appetite.

From sophisticated robots to automated door locks, delve into our smart world and immerse yourself in a comprehensive list of smart gadgets for Christmas.

Stay smart

All of our products come with excellent customer reviews. The end-user remains an essential source of information because they have the experience of using the products.

Our List of Smart Gadgets for Christmas

christmas present

We have selected some special gadgets from robots to speakers to fill your homes with wonder this Christmas.

Lutron Caseta Smart Start Kit

Lutron Caseta Smart Start Kit, Dimmer Switch with Smart Bridge and...

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If you want smart gadgets for Christmas this year, then the Caseta Smart Start Kit from Lutron is a great place to start. The comprehensive smart home starter kit works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant to transform your environment into a voice-controlled technology haven.

The smart home starter kit includes a Caseta smart bridge, a dimmer switch, a Pico 3-button dimming remote, and a Pico plate bracket. Also, you can set your lights to adjust to the changing seasons automatically. You may also set your lights to randomly work when you travel to provide peace of mind and home security.

You may control your Caseta Smart Start Kit from Lutron in a variety of ways. The sophisticated mobile app provides instant control or uses your voice to create personalized schedules to change lighting schedules.

The smarts

Customers love the smart price as it provides a budget-friendly introduction to the world of smart homes. Furthermore, users report how easy the system is to set up and that it proves exceptionally reliable and simple to use.


Some users wanted to use the system in two houses but could not pair the kit with Alexa in the second location due to Alexa pairing. Some had poor connectivity and, in some cases, could not get the system to work.

Brilliant Smart Home Control

Brilliant Smart Home Control (2-Switch Panel) — Alexa Built-In &...

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The Smart Home Control from Brilliant represents a more considerable investment but offers a sophisticated system to give you the ultimate smart home control.

The touch screen panel features built-in Alexa connectivity to control a variety of smart-home functions. You may control your heating, lighting, cameras, locks, and music from the easy to use, touch, or voice-controlled panel.

The convenient installation replaces a standard 2-gang light switch panel and requires neutral and ground wires. In addition, you can control your Sonos music system and convert regular lights into smart lights. The system supports LED, CFL, halogen, incandescent bulbs, Control Hue, LIFX, and Kasa TP-Link intelligent bulbs.

The Smart Home Control from Brilliant offers a complete smart home solution from one panel with a 5-inch LCD touchscreen. When you consider smart gadgets for Christmas, the system makes an impressive main gift for under the tree.

The smarts

People love the detailed instructions and found the system easy to install and use. The modern design and intuitive function proved extremely popular with users who loved the device’s smart control.


Some users felt the system too expensive, while a couple of users found the dimming functions lacked range and sensitivity. A couple of them found the interface difficult to use.

Sonos Connect Amp

Sonos Connect: Amp - Wireless Home Audio Amplifier for Streaming...

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The Sonos Connect Amp from Sonos  is a must for anyone who wants smart gadgets for Christmas. The innovative amplifier features Alexa voice control to upgrade your speakers with amplified music streaming both indoors and outside.

The powerful yet compact system offers 55 watts per channel with an RCA line for connecting a range of playback sources. You may control wired speakers anywhere in your home with a mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone.

Sonos Connect Amp from Sonos enables you to stream all your favorite music from services such as Amazon Music, Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify. Furthermore, you may connect your system to an Amazon Echo or Alexa device.

The smarts

Customers love the compact system and appreciate how it effortlessly controls and streams music. Most users found the system easy to set up and loved how the Sonos mobile phone app interacts with the device. Many users like the expandable nature of the product with additional Sonos components.


Some users complain that Sonos doesn’t support their products long term, while a few users found the device didn’t connect with their Wi-Fi. A few users report that the system has difficulty connecting to Apple Music.

Sensi Emerson Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat for Smart Home, DIY, Works With...

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The Emerson Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat from Sensi makes one of the best smart gadgets for Christmas because of its attractive price and superb functionality.

The smart thermostat is Energy Star certified and enables you to save on your energy costs with features such as geofencing, a 7-day flexible scheduling function, and a remote access system. Plus, the system is quick and easy to install.

The Emerson Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat from Sensi features extensive compatibility and works with HVAC equipment found in most homes. A c-wire is required for heat only, cool, and heat pump systems. Additionally, you can control your smart thermostat using Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit platforms.

The smarts

Customers appreciate the ease of installation while many report how the thermostat saved them money. Most users found the system displayed excellent connectivity and love using it as part of their Alexa smart home set up.


Some users found frustration through poor Wi-Fi connectivity. And the battery backup was problematic for some users who found they needed to reset the system frequently.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Ring Chime Pro (2nd Gen)

Buy on Amazon

When you consider smart gadgets for Christmas, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro from Ring sits at the top of your list. The excellent system contains the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and the Ring Chime Pro to provide a fantastic value bundle.

The 1080p high-definition doorbell lets you see, hear, and speak to people from your mobile or tablet. Alternatively, you may pair your Ring system with an Amazon Echo device and use voice commands to control your system.

The product showcases privacy features, such as customizable privacy zones and audio privacy. Furthermore, you may set the device to provide you with notifications whenever it detects movement outside your door. The live view enables a view of your doorstep no matter where you are.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro from Ring remains an innovative and sophisticated system that gives the homeowner superb security functions. The device’s sophistication remains unparalleled and makes an excellent gift to place under the tree this Christmas.

The smarts

Many customers report how they found the system easy to install. Most users find the doorbell provides excellent security functions with superb reliability and particularly enjoy using the functions when away from home.


Some users found the system difficult to install, while a few reports that it failed to connect to their Wi-Fi. Some customers found the motion detector too sensitive. Additionally, some users remain dissatisfied with the quality of the audio and video.

Yale Assure Touchscreen Lock

Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen, Wi-Fi Smart Lock - Works with the Yale...

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The Yale Assure Touchscreen Lock from Yale Security replaces your existing deadbolt with a touchscreen smart lock. With this innovative smart device, you may lock, unlock, share access to your home, see who comes and go from anywhere using the Yale Access app.

You may unlock your door automatically as you arrive by using the app on your phone. Alternatively, you may use the touchscreen keypad to activate the innovative lock.

The system is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Furthermore, you can choose for Alexa to notify you when the lock’s battery runs low. Additionally, the Auto-Relock feature negates that dreadful feeling when you forget to lock your door because it ensures the door always locks behind you.

The supplied Wi-Fi bridge means you don’t need any additional hubs to set up your smart home lock.

The smarts

Users appreciate the additional backup key provided with the system and found the lock simple to install and use. The system provided customers with peace of mind due to the excellent security functions.


Some users found the Wi-Fi bridge provided of low quality with various connectivity problems. Some customers found the device didn’t work with Google Home. A couple of customers found the device failed to work at all.

Gosund Smart Light Bulb

Smart Light Bulb, Gosund Dimmable WiFi LED Light Bulbs that Works with...

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The Smart Light Bulb from Gosound makes a fantastic stocking stuffer if you want smart gadgets for Christmas. The pack of 4 bulbs features dimmable LED lights with smart voice control. You may use Alexa and Google Assistant to operate and control your bulbs to set the right mood and create an atmosphere.

The Gosund app enables you to control the bulbs from anywhere at any time. Alternatively, you may use the timer and scheduling function to set the bulbs to function at a time convenient for you. Consequently, the Smart Light Bulb from Gosund makes a fantastic security feature in your smart home.

The bulbs prove easy to install and feature energy-saving properties with an extended lifespan.

The smarts

Users found the bulbs worked well with Alexa and connected easily to their smart home set up. And many customers appreciate the reasonable price compared to others on the market. Also, the app proved immensely popular to control the lighting.


Some users couldn’t connect the bulbs to their Alexa systems and found them unreliable. But some users found the bulbs too dim for practical use.

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Anki Vector Robot

Vector Robot by Anki, A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out, With...

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Who doesn’t want a robot that controls your smart home and gives you timely reminders? When you consider smart gadgets for Christmas, the Vector Robot from Anki makes an impressive gift to place under the tree.

Vector is a robotic companion powered by intelligent artificial intelligence to interact and integrate with your smart home technology. The robot is voice-activated and will answer questions, take photos, time your dinner, and show you the weather.

And if you connect Vector to Alexa, you’ll be able to set reminders, control various smart home devices, activate speakers, and heating systems in a truly interactive way.

The robot updates via a Wi-Fi Cloud platform to keep up to date with skills and features.

The smarts

Users love the robot. It displays a variety of movements with surprising personality traits that customers adore. Plus, when paired with Alexa, the robot takes in an entirely different persona and becomes an integrated part of any smart home.


Some users found the robot underwhelming and an expensive toy. A few customers claimed it lacked purpose or personality, while some customers felt the artificial intelligence aspect felt incomplete.

SimpliSafe 5 Piece Wireless Home Security System

SimpliSafe 5 Piece Wireless Home Security System - Optional 24/7...

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The 5 Piece Wireless Home Security System from SimpliSafe is a wireless smart security system compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The kit is ready to use straight out of the box. You plug in the base station, place the sensors, and your house is protected. And you can choose the 24/7 professional monitoring plan with police, fire, and medical dispatch.

The pioneering signal burst technology is powerful enough to cover homes of various sizes, with a range of up to 1000 feet. The system uses a 24-hour battery and dual Wi-Fi and cellular connections for backup.

The kit includes a base station with a built-in siren, a keypad, an entry sensor, a motion sensor, and a key fob.

The key fob allows you to arm and disarm the system, and a built-in panic button triggers the alarm and alerts the monitoring center when you need help. Alternatively, you may use your smart home devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant to arm and disarm the device.

The smarts

Customers praise the ease of installation and simple operation of the smart security system. Many users enjoy the Alexa connectivity and appreciate the reliability of the kit.


Some users don’t like the use of third-party organizations for the monitoring function. Some users felt the kit underperformed for the price, with some of the parts proving low-quality construction.

WYZE 1080p HD Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Home Camera

Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor WiFi Smart Home Camera with Night Vision,...

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The 1080p HD Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Home Camera from WYZE allows the user to live stream from anywhere in full high definition. The smart camera enables you to see inside your home from anywhere in real-time using a tablet or mobile, and while live streaming, you may use the two-way audio to speak with your friends and family through the Wyze app.

The camera features a night vision function and free cloud storage. You may activate the camera using Alexa and Google Assistant.

The 1080p HD Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Home Camera from WYZE is an innovative addition to your list of smart gadgets for Christmas that provides various social functions combined with excellent security capabilities.

The smarts

Customers love the smart price and the superb security functions offered by the camera. Customers found it easy to set up and use and appreciate the compatibility with other smart home devices.


Some users disliked the user agreement terms. Furthermore, some users found the privacy aspect of the streaming unacceptable.

Our Smart Gadgets for Christmas Explored

holiday gifts

Whether you want the Vector Robot from Anki to tell you what the weather is like or the Sonos Connect Amp from Sonos to play your favorite music, we have you covered.

While some items represent a considerable investment, products such as the Emerson Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat from Sensi may save you money in the long run.

Smart homes no longer remain the dreams of Sci-Fi authors. We now use Alexa and Google Assistant to perform many functions around the house, and before long, the smart home may feel as normal as getting up for work in the morning. Perhaps we could ask Alexa to go to work for us in the future.

Sean Kerr

Sean Kerr lives in Cardiff, Wales, and is a published author with over 10 novels to his name so far and still counting. As well as writing his next bestseller, Sean also runs a successful jewelry making business and sells his creations online. Enjoy more of Sean’s “smart” reviewing at BestSeekers and ExtensivelyReviewed!

10 Smart Gadgets Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals You Need

Black Friday GIfts

Holiday shopping looks a little different this year, with more sales happening online than perhaps ever before. You don’t need to stand in line at the crack of dawn to snag the best smart gadgets Black Friday sales.

Shopping online for smart home gadgets, Black Friday or not, is a great way to find unbeatable deals and compare products before really making up your mind. But if you go in blind, you’re sure to miss out on this year’s top sales.

Fret not, because we’ve put together a list of the best smart gadgets to buy this holiday shopping season.

10 Must-Have Smart Gadgets Black Friday Shoppers Don’t Want to Miss

giving gift

This year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have, more or less, merged into one long weekend of savings. For bargain hunters of all kinds, this is great news.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or checking items off your holiday gift list, here are the top smart home gadgets going on sale this Black Friday.

1. Ring doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell 3 – enhanced wifi, improved motion detection,...
Buy on Amazon

Between its propensity for making laugh-out-loud social media videos and its pure convenience, the Ring doorbell is easily the most talked-about smart home gadget of the moment. It’s also a prime candidate for great holiday deals you won’t find the rest of the year.

Why is this tiny video-enabled doorbell so popular? First and foremost, it lets you see who is knocking, ringing, or just loitering at your door from anywhere. That means you can easily see who is outside, whether from your bed or all the way from the office.

Ring doorbells also include two-way audio. While you won’t experience crystal-clear sound quality from either end, this feature is surprisingly handy in day-to-day life.

Some of the top Ring models to look for this season include the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Ring Video Pro.

You can also snag a deal by bundling your new Ring Doorbell with a compatible voice assistant, like the Amazon Echo Show. So before you hit “Checkout” this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, be sure to check for extra savings!

2. Smart locks

Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave - Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt - Works with...
Buy on Amazon

Going into this holiday shopping season, you probably have a few electronics on your must-buy list. But smart gadgets Black Friday deals are a great place to find new devices you never knew existed.

For instance: With the prevalence of app-enabled security systems, many homeowners replace their traditional home deadbolts with “smart” versions.

There are countless models out there, ranging from those equipped with a regular keypad to locks entirely managed from a smartphone or tablet.

This year, you’ll find major savings on models like the Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave and Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt. Both locks work as an add-on to most existing smart security systems (so you won’t need to deal with an extra app).

There’s no singular big name in smart lock technology. Instead, smart locks use Z-Wave technology to be cross-compatible with systems like Ring, Nest, and SmartThings. Always check that your existing gadgets support Z-Wave tech before buying.

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3. Philips Hue

Philips Hue White and Color LED Smart Button Starter Kit, 3 A19 Smart...
Buy on Amazon

Remember the late-night commercials for clap-activated light switches? Those are a thing of the past. Now you can control every light in your home from your phone or tablet.

When it comes to smart gadgets that your family will use multiple times per day, each and every day, nothing beats WiFi-enabled lightbulbs like the Philips Hue system.

With this system, you can adjust the brightness and color (of compatible bulbs) and create a custom on-and-off schedule for your home’s lights. The scheduling feature is surprisingly versatile too, since you can create a gradual wake-up alarm or make lights turn on when you’re away on vacation.

If you’re installing smart lightbulbs for the first time, the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit is a great Black Friday steal. It comes with a hub, three lightbulbs, and a smart button — perfect for outfitting a single room.

And once you have the hub set up, you can install additional lightbulbs throughout the rest of your home as you please.

4. Smart thermostats

ecobee SmartThermostat Voice Control, Black
Buy on Amazon

We’re all doing our best to save money and cut down on household energy usage. However, if you’re still relying on a traditional thermostat, you’re missing out on some of the easiest energy savings out there.

Smart thermostats have been around for years now, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive. Instead, the technology seems to improve tenfold with each new release.

These handy devices let you control your home’s temperature from a phone or tablet (even when you’re not actually home). Most also connect to voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa, for hands-free control.

The market is flush with smart thermostats promising to make your life a little easier. But if you’re looking for smart gadgets Black Friday deals on the absolute best models, check out the ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control or Nest Learning Thermostat.

5. iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba i3+ (3550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal...
Buy on Amazon

Staying home means being hyper-aware of the day-to-day dirt and dust that collects in our living spaces. Just because we’re spending more time at home, though, doesn’t mean we have any extra time to clean.

A robot vacuum can help keep your home clean when you’re too busy to do the job yourself. You can find deals on these smart gadgets from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, so now is the perfect time to invest in an automatic vacuum of your own.

The iRobot Roomba was one of the first big names in robotic vacuum cleaners, and the brand is still going strong. Today, these automatic vacuum cleaners even connect to your favorite smart devices for easier scheduling, mapping, and maintenance.

The iRobot Roomba i3 is WiFi-enabled and works with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If voice controls aren’t your thing, you can manage everything in the app.

For a vacuum that’s almost entirely self-contained, consider upgrading to the iRobot Roomba i3+. Along with the features above, this model comes with a self-emptying station. It limits the amount of maintenance needed to keep your Roomba up and running.

6. Tile trackers

Tile Mate (2020) 2-Pack -Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder and Item...
Buy on Amazon

Busy schedule or not, no one has time to misplace their phone, wallet, or keys. Even when we’re not leaving the house like we used to, there seems to be no shortage of strange places for these items to get lost.

Tile makes tiny trackers that help locate your most important (and most often lost) belongings. Each tracker connects to iOS or Android through Bluetooth to show the location of your lost item.

If the tracker is within 150 or 200 feet, you can trigger a beaconing noise depending on the exact model. Further than that, and you can use the app to see your item’s last location with GPS. Tile also offers premium services to help track down or reimburse you for items that are otherwise long-gone.

Tile has plenty of great Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts going on this year. Use the newest Tile Mate to keep track of your keys or purse, or place the Tile Slim in your wallet for peace-of-mind.

For everything else, the Tile Sticker is your best option. You can use these trackers on everything from your TV remote to your child’s skateboard.

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7. Petcube cameras

[New 2020] Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser &...
Buy on Amazon

If you’re like most pet owners, you probably wonder what your four-legged friends are up to when you’re not home.

Sure, you could use your household security cameras to sneak a peek. But wouldn’t it be nice to have something a bit more interactive?

Petcube makes standalone cameras explicitly designed to monitor and interact with your cat or dog. The camera connects to your smartphone, providing live video and audio. You can even use the built-in speaker to talk to your pet through the app.

If you’re interested in a basic pet camera for your home, you can find the Petcube Cam on tons of smart gadgets’ Black Friday lists.

On the other hand, the Petcube Bites 2 offers an additional feature you and your pet are both sure to enjoy. With this upgraded camera, you can dispense treats using the app. You can use this feature to spoil your pet or reward good behavior even when you’re not home. It’s up to you!

8. Hatch Restore

Hatch Restore - Sound Machine, Smart Light, Personal Sleep Routine,...
Buy on Amazon

If you’re still jolting awake to a buzzing alarm or your phone’s ringtone, you’re doing it wrong. One way you might be able to improve your waking experience is by using a sunrise alarm clock.

There are plenty of big names making sunrise alarms these days, including Philips and Homelabs, but Hatch has built itself a loyal customer base with surprising speed.

The original Hatch Restore lets you customize a wake-up schedule with light and sounds. At night, you can also use this alarm clock as a gentle reading light that won’t interfere with sleep. While controlling the alarm clock from your smartphone is quite easy, you can also make adjustments from the device itself.

Hatch alarm clocks don’t go on sale very often, so Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect opportunities to snag these gadgets at a discount.

9. Hatch Baby Rest

Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine, Night Light, Time-to-Rise Plus Audio...
Buy on Amazon

Speaking of the Hatch brand, adults aren’t the only ones benefitting from these smart bedtime gadgets. Parents are also big fans of the company and its line of baby products.

The Hatch Baby Rest works like a smaller version of the brand’s alarm clock. You can control the device’s brightness, volume, and other settings from the smartphone app — no need to go into the room and disturb a sleeping child.

For even more functionality, look for Black Friday sales on the Hatch Baby Rest+. Like the basic model, this device includes the same nightlight, white noise, and ultra-gentle alarm features. However, you can also check-in from your smartphone with the built-in two-way audio.

10. Blink Home Security

Echo Show 5 Charcoal with Blink Mini Indoor Smart Security Camera,...
Buy on Amazon

Resting easy is simple when you have home security cameras, but not everyone wants to fill their house with large, unsightly camcorders. Blink Home Security cameras are a compact, smart-tech alternative to more traditional home monitoring systems.

If you want to keep an eye on your home’s exterior, the Blink Outdoor camera offers daytime and nighttime video monitoring. This camera is battery-powered, but just one set of AA batteries can run the device for up to two years.

For your home’s interior, we recommend the Blink Mini. This camera features recorded video, two-way audio, and built-in motion-detection, all in an extra-small package.

Amazon owns Blink Home Security, so these cameras are compatible with other Amazon smart home technology. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll be able to find tons of great bundles. One such bundle includes the Echo Show 5 + BlinkMini.

Save Big on Smart Home Gadgets: Black Friday

Family with tree

Smart home technology is becoming more and more mainstream, with the perfect device existing for nearly everyone.

Whether you’re a renter, first-time buyer, or renovating your lifelong home, smart gadgets can instantly improve your quality of life. Some gadgets, like smart thermostats, will even help you adopt more eco-friendly habits.

Remember: While we recommend snagging your must-have items as early as possible, be sure to take the time to ensure you’re really getting the best deal. In some cases, waiting to buy your smart gadgets on Cyber Monday could result in even more savings!

What smart home technology is on your holiday shopping list this year? Are there any new or upcoming releases you’re particularly looking forward to this year? Let us know in the comments below!

ecobee vs. Nest: What You Need to Know About These Smart Thermostats


Smart thermostats are one of the most popular types of high-tech devices in today’s homes. If you’re ready to invest in one of these devices for yourself, you’re probably stuck on a big question: Which is better between ecobee vs. Nest?

Both ecobee and Nest make great products, especially when it comes to smart thermostats. In many ways, these two companies have shaped the smart home market we know today.

With that said, you can only have one smart thermostat in your home. So which will it be?

What Makes a Smart Thermostat so Smart?

Before we dive into comparing ecobee vs. Nest, what exactly differentiates a “smart” thermostat from a normal one?

On the surface, you might think a smart thermostat is just one with a digital interface. But the differences run much deeper than that.

Photo by Praveen kumar Mathivanan on Unsplash

What is a smart thermostat?

Smart thermostats are those that connect to WiFi or another local network. Once connected, users can control these devices via smartphones, computers, tablets, or voice assistants.

Obviously, the ability to control your home’s environment from your smartphone (yes, even when you’re not physically at home) is super convenient. But the value of a smart thermostat becomes even more apparent when you consider its energy-saving and home maintenance capabilities.

Are smart thermostats more energy-efficient?

If you take advantage of their energy-efficient features, yes. The ability to control different rooms and automatically adjust the temperature when no one is home are just a couple of examples of energy-saving features.

According to ENERGY STAR, the average U.S. household puts half of its energy spending toward heating and cooling. Because smart thermostats offer so much more control than traditional ones, making the switch can save you a ton in energy costs.

Can smart thermostats be installed in any home?

In most cases, yes. As long as your home has central heating and air, you can switch your normal thermostat to a smart version.

Many newer homes come wired specifically for a smart thermostat, making for quick and easy installation.

In older homes, you may need to update the existing wiring. A professional electrician should always take care of this process.

Also, not all HVAC systems are compatible with all thermostats — smart or not. Double-check which models will work with your existing system before jumping straight into the installation.

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What You Need to Know About ecobee

Ecobee is a Canadian company that started making smart home devices in 2007. Of these devices, the brand is most famous for its smart thermostat systems.

Rather than rely on a single thermostat, ecobee makes SmartSensors that you can place in high-traffic or important rooms, like a family room or bedroom, to monitor the environment. They can also detect when a room is occupied or empty, adjusting the temperature accordingly.

Energy-efficiency is also a top priority for ecobee products. The eco+ software adjusts for peak usage times and takes advantage of cleaner, cheaper energy sources whenever possible. It can even pull in cool air from outside your home to prevent unnecessary AC use.

Right now, ecobee’s top smart thermostats include the SmartThermostat with Voice Control and the ecobee3 Lite.

ecobee SmartSensor 2 Pack, White
Buy on Amazon

ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control

The new ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control does away with the need for a separate voice-operated device. Instead, Amazon Alexa is built right into the thermostat itself.

On top of adjusting your home’s temperature, you can make phone calls, control audio, ask questions, and more with just your voice. You can also control the ecobee SmartThermostat from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

This thermostat works with HVAC accessories like humidifiers and dehumidifiers, something not seen in most models. It also includes one ecobee SmartSensor, with additional sensors sold separately.

ecobee SmartThermostat Voice Control, Black
Buy on Amazon


  • Amazon Alexa software built-in
  • Includes one SmartSensor
  • Sleek design and user interface
  • Compatible with one- and two-stage HVAC systems
  • Adjusts humidity in compatible homes
  • Connects to Android and Apple devices


  • Reports of WiFi connectivity issues
  • Lack of integration with other Amazon Alexa devices
  • Smartphone app is slow and clunky
  • Resets in the case of a power outage

ecobee3 Lite

As an older, budget-friendly model, the ecobee3 Lite #EB-STATE3LT-02 misses a few notable features seen in the SmartThermostat.

First, it does not have built-in voice control via Amazon Alexa. You can still use voice commands with the ecobee3 Lite, but you will need a separate Google Home, Amazon Echo, or similar device.

Second, it does not come bundled with an occupancy sensor or SmartSensor. The ecobee3 Lite is compatible with SmartSensors, though, so you can always purchase them separately.

In terms of design, the ecobee3 Lite is slightly smaller than the SmartThermostat. It also utilizes a plastic screen rather than a glass one.

The ecobee3 Lite is compatible with most central HVAC systems but does not support accessories like humidifiers or dehumidifiers.

ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat, 2nd gen
Buy on Amazon


  • Compatible with all major voice assistants
  • Great for first-time smart thermostat users
  • Works with up to 95 percent of HVAC systems
  • Easy-to-use scheduling system
  • App works on Android and Apple devices


  • No built-in occupancy sensor
  • SmartSensors sold separately
  • Inconsistent energy data-tracking
  • Does not support HVAC accessories
  • Plastic screen may scratch

Taking a Closer Look at Nest Thermostats

Google Nest
Photo via Smart House Team

In the world of smart home technology, Nest is probably one of the most recognizable names around. Since purchasing the company in 2014, Google slowly transitioned Nest products into its Google Home lineup.

Like ecobee’s SmartSensors, Nest uses Bluetooth-enabled Temperature Sensors #T5000SF to track different rooms’ activity and environment. Keep in mind, however, that these sensors don’t work with all Nest thermostats.

Nest products have a simple, user-friendly design. This attention to detail also extends to the brand’s energy-saving features. To encourage good habits, users receive real-time feedback for eco-conscious decisions in the shape of a Leaf icon on the thermostat’s interface.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is the best-rated model currently available, but the new Nest Thermostat offers many (but not all) of the same features at a more affordable price.

Google Nest Temperature Sensor - Nest Thermostat Sensor - Nest Sensor...
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Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat #T3007ES isn’t the company’s newest device, but it is one of its most popular.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is the last model to use the original Nest app. It’s unclear whether Google plans to migrate this model to the Google Home app at some point.

The Nest Learning Thermostat does not feature a built-in voice assistant. You need a separate device like the Google Home, Nest Hub, or Amazon Echo for integrated voice controls.

The Nest Learning Thermostat does not come bundled with any sensors but is fully compatible with them.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat - Programmable Smart Thermostat for...
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  • Automatically displays temperature, weather, and time
  • Compatible with most voice-control assistants
  • Optional battery backup
  • Available in several metal finishes
  • Adjusts to household schedule over time
  • User-friendly energy tracking features


  • Nest Temperature Sensors sold separately
  • Voice controls not built-in
  • Not currently supported by Google Home app
  • Lackluster custom scheduling capabilities
  • Frequent reports of Nest app crashing

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat #G4CVZ is the company’s newest model and the first to be fully integrated into the Google Home app.

One of the Nest Thermostat’s biggest selling points (at least compared to the Nest Learning Thermostat) is the affordable price. Customers will need to give up a few core features to take advantage of this deal, however.

The Nest Thermostat does not come with additional Temperature Sensors and, at least at this time, is not even compatible with them. For homeowners interested in mapping out their home’s different rooms, this alone could be a deal-breaker.

The Nest Thermostat is compatible with just 85 percent of HVAC systems, which is a big drop from the Learning Thermostat’s 95 percent compatibility rate.

Google Nest Thermostat - Smart Thermostat for Home - Programmable Wifi...
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  • Designed for use with Google Home software
  • Attractive casing comes in multiple colors
  • Touch-enabled screen
  • Offers full control over temperature schedule
  • Built-in battery backup
  • Works with standalone voice control devices


  • Only compatible with up to 85 percent of systems
  • Does not work with Nest Temperature Sensors
  • Downgraded occupancy-sensing
  • Does not adapt to users schedule on its own

ecobee vs. Nest: Which Is Better?

Looking at the thermostats above, it’s clear that both companies know how to cater to smart home enthusiasts of all walks of life. But which is the best match for you?

Temperature control

Let’s set aside the futuristic appearance and high-tech features for a moment to look at what you really want from a thermostat. In other words, which device offers the most reliable temperature control?

While Nest’s learning software is convenient, it lacks hands-on control and customization. Some users have trouble overriding the Nest Learning Thermostat’s schedule. The newer Nest Thermostat does away with this feature in favor of manual scheduling.

The ecobee thermostats are less intuitive at first, but most users agree they can’t beat the customization.

Energy efficiency

Whether you opt for ecobee or Nest, upgrading to a smart thermostat is almost guaranteed to save you money.

If you have zero desire to set up a custom schedule, the Nest Learning Thermostat is likely the best eco-bang for your buck. While not perfect, it’s a good option for hands-off users.

For those willing to fine-tune an energy-efficient HVAC schedule, though, ecobee tends to be more user-friendly.

Google Home
Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

Voice features

So, when comparing ecobee vs. Nest, which is better for google home? The answer is that it depends.

If you want but don’t already own an in-home voice assistant, the ecobee SmartThermostat is the clear choice. This thermostat practically replaces the need for a separate device like the Google Home or Amazon Echo. The only major downside is that you can’t choose where to place it.

If you already have a voice-control device (or don’t care to own one), then any ecobee or Nest thermostat will do.

Otherwise, both companies support all the major in-home voice assistants. You can also set up voice control from your smartphone or tablet.

User interface

Voice controls aside, the Nest user interface takes the lead in simplicity and aesthetics. Nest’s leaf icon, indicating when a user has made an energy-saving decision, is a favorite among users.

The Nest models also include Farsight, which automatically lights up with key information like temperature, weather conditions, or the time when someone walks past.

The ecobee and original Nest app both seem to suffer from slow loading times and crashes.


Both ecobee and Nest make beautiful devices, especially when compared to traditional thermostats.

The ecobee thermostats are sleek and low-profile. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a bit bulky, but the newer Nest Thermostat is just as stylish as the ecobee models.

One advantage the Nest thermostats has over ecobee is the option to choose from several casing colors.

Product support

Both ecobee and Nest are large companies with overall positive reputations with customers. While some users have experienced lackluster tech support, these reports are fairly few and far between.

The ecobee SmartThermostat and ecobee3 Lite each come with a three-year limited warranty.

The Nest Learning Thermostat comes with a two-year limited warranty. The new Nest Thermostat only comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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What Is Better: Nest vs. ecobee? The Result

In comparing ecobee vs. Nest thermostats, there is no clear winner. Both companies are at the forefront of smart home technology and manufacture great products.

The ecobee SmartThermostat is an easy choice for homeowners who want built-in voice control. If you want a thermostat that you can truly set-and-forget, go with the Nest Learning Thermostat.

The ecobee3 Lite and newer Nest Thermostat are simpler models with fewer features. For homeowners just dipping their toes into smart technology, though, they’re quite affordable and easy to use.

Whether you opt for ecobee or Nest, you’re sure to notice greater comfort in your home. You might even enjoy some energy savings, too.

Do you have experience with any ecobee or Nest products? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

iHome Smart Plug Review

iHome Smart Plug

Today it seems as if everything is becoming “smart.” From our phones, our cars, our televisions, our houses, and even our electrical wall plugs. Yes, even plugs and outlets are getting “smart” these days by giving you the ability to control your appliances and devices from anywhere in the world. iHome smart plugs have the power to connect to various smart home platforms and let you control your home from the other side of the globe. With more items getting “smart” it’ may be time for you to try a smart plug for yourself.

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What Can I Do with an iHome Smart Plug?

iHome ISP6X Wi-FI Smart Plug

Image from Amazon

There are many uses for smart plugs, ranging from handy, practical ones to silly, zany applications, and with only a Wi-Fi connection needed to start, smart plugs rarely require much setup work. For example, iHome smart plugs let you flick the lights in your home on and off from anywhere in the world, and you can turn on the lights periodically when you’re away or just before you arrive home to deter intruders. Smart plugs let you control your house in a way that your parents could only imagine, and they may fool your kids into thinking you’re a magician.

With a smart plug installed, you can set your air conditioning to work on a schedule so you waste minimal energy while you’re at work or on vacation. You can also set your coffee maker to turn on before getting up in the morning to fill your house with that great smell of coffee before you even get out of bed. You can start that slow cooker a few hours before you get home so that your dinner is ready and waiting when you walk through the door, and smart plugs can even help you get more accomplished by taking care of menial tasks through just a peek at your smartphone.

What Is an iHome Smart Plug?

ISP6X Wi-FI Smart Plug from iHome

Image from Amazon

Many manufacturers have entered the smart plug market, but the iHome ISP6x Smart Plug is the one we’ve chosen to feature here in this article. It offers one the broadest smart home platform supports available, and it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, Apple home kit, IFTTT, SmartThings, Nest, and Wink, so there is no hesitation in deciding if your device is compatible. It also works with Alexa for voice control although the device is sold separately.

A Wi-Fi enabled iHome smart plug lets you control small appliances that consume 1800 watts of electric power or less. It’s great for controlling lights, window air conditioners, fans, portable heaters, coffee makers, home audio systems, and other common plug-in devices. With iHome’s global remote access you have 24/7 control over all plugs, and it will set you up to receive notifications and alerts generated by any of them. Considering iHome’s highly secure and encrypted data and privacy protection, your house and privacy are both protected. This sleek design fits into any standard 120V AC outlet while leaving the second outlet free to let you plug in two iHome smart plugs into one outlet at the same time. This smart plug also has Home Kit compatibility for integration into your system, but controlling this accessory away from home requires an Apple TV that is a third-generation or later model, along with Apple TV software 7.0 or later, and an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 9.0 or later. 

Product Specs

iHome ISP6X Wi-FI Smart Plug , Use your voice to control connected...
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
  • Broadest smart home platform support, compatible with – Alexa, Google assistant, Apple home kit, IFTTT, SmartThings,...
  • Wi-Fi enabled wall plug lets you control small appliances using 1800 watts or under, great for controlling lights,...

This iHome smart plug’s dimensions are only 2.8 x 2.1 x 1.5 inches, and it weighs just 5.3 ounces. This smart plug fits into any standard 120V AC outlet but also leaves the second outlet free for a second smart plug or any other electrical device

How It Compares to Other Smart Plugs

We picked a few similar smart plug products available on the market to see how they compare to our featured product, the iHome ISP6X Smart Plug.

iHome ISP6X Wi-FI Smart Plug , Use your voice to control connected...
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
  • Broadest smart home platform support, compatible with – Alexa, Google assistant, Apple home kit, IFTTT, SmartThings,...
  • Wi-Fi enabled wall plug lets you control small appliances using 1800 watts or under, great for controlling lights,...

Ease of Use

Connectivity & Features

Design Quality

Reliability & Durability

Wemo Mini Smart Plug, WiFi Enabled, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant...
  • Control from anywhere. Plug in a WeMo Mini Smart Plug, download the free app, and control your lights and appliances...
  • Compact size. WeMo Mini features a sleek new form factor that allows you to stack two Mini Smart Plugs in the same...
  • Schedule automatically. Never come home to a dark house. Schedule the fan to turn on before you arrive. Sync lamps and...

With its compact size, the Wemo Mini features a sleek new form-factor that allows you to stack two mini plugs in the same outlet, just like the iHome smart plug, so you will never have to come home to a dark house because you can schedule pre-set activities automatically.

The Wemo Mini plugs pair with voice-activated systems and devices, like Apple Homepod and Google Home, so you can control your lights and appliances with your voice. Wemo plugs also work with Apple HomeKit seamlessly; just download the latest version of the Wemo App and follow the steps to connect your Wemo Mini devices to the Apple Home application.

Ease of Use

Connectivity & Features

Design Quality

Reliability & Durability

iClever [15A Smart Plug 2 Pack IC-BS08 Wi-Fi Mini Smart Switch, WiFi...
  • [Live the Smart Life]: The iClever Smart Plug is your ticket to a tech-savvy home! This powerful, 15 amp device controls...
  • [Intelligent Voice Commands]: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant alike. Voice commands provide hands-free...
  • [Control from Anywhere]: The power is in the palm of your hand. Download our free app to control your electronics from...

Live the “Smart Life” with the iClever Smart Plug. This powerful 15 amp device controls your electronics through voice commands or your smartphone., as it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and voice commands provide hands-free control from anywhere in or out of your home. However, the iClever Smart Plug can’t work with Apple Homekit, unlike the iHome smart plug, and it doesn’t support 5.0GHz Wi-Fi.

Ease of Use

Connectivity & Features

Design Quality

Reliability & Durability

iHome iSP100 Wifi Outdoor Smart Plug, Water Resistant, Works with...
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
  • Broadest smart home platform support, compatible with – Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, Apple home kit, IFTTT,...
  • Broadest smart home platform support, compatible with Apple home kit, Nest, smart things, wink, Amazon Alexa and Google...

The iHome iSP100 is an outdoor version of the company’s indoor smart plug. The iHome iSP100 also has the broadest smart home platform support, like the ISP6x, as it is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, Apple home kit, IFTTT, SmartThings, Nest and Wink.

With global remote access, you get 24/7 control and notifications with iHome’s highly secure and encrypted data and privacy protection. Unlike the indoor iHome smart plug, this tougher outdoor model comes in a rugged rain resistant design. This iHome smart plug also comes with a 6” outdoor power cord for convenient use with outdoor GFI covered outlets.

Ease of Use

Connectivity & Features

Design Quality

Reliability & Durability


ISP6X Wi-FI Smart Plug

Image from Amazon

We give the iHome ISP6x a five out of five star rating because out of all the products we compared in this article, this iHome smart plug is by far the most reliable and compatible, and you get the biggest range of smart home platforms to choose from without breaking the bank. This smart plug has a nice reach and connects to any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 9, and with a capacity of 1800 watts, it can control many appliances pretty easily.

There aren’t that many smart plugs you can count on to stay secure, but with iHome’s data and privacy protection, you can rest easy anywhere in the world knowing your home and appliances are safe and always in your control

Featured Image from Amazon

Review: Ring Doorbell Pro

Have you ever heard the doorbell ring and rushed to get up and check through the peephole and see who was there, only for it to have been a package dropped off by UPS, or have you ever wanted to be able to check on your house while you were away from home? Hopefully you have never had a package taken from you, but if you had, you would probably want video proof of it. Well, luckily all of these situations can be remedied by the use of a smart doorbell! The Ring Doorbell Pro, along with similar models, are perfect for giving your home the smart upgrade it needs.

You probably often find yourself worrying that your packages may be taken right from your front doorstep, especially during the holidays, and especially when you are not home. If so, thankfully the technology is here where this is worry is no longer necessary. You can now use smart doorbells, which have video and/or audio so that you can watch your front porch. Many other features may also be included, and you may want the ability to download recorded video or speak with your front door visitors from your phone. 

If you want the ability to have convenience and security at your fingertips, a smart doorbell is probably a good idea for you and your home. That said, it can seem pretty difficult to choose which smart doorbell to buy for your house. How do you know which one is best? Especially when there are so many options out there, it can be tricky to know what to get for yourself. That is why we are here to make sure you feel comfortable making an informed decision purchasing your smart doorbell. The Ring Doorbell Pro would be sure to meet all of your expectations, no matter what features you desire.

What Is the Ring Doorbell Pro?

green wooden door with doorbell

Image via unsplash.com

The Ring Doorbell Pro is one of the most luxurious, premiere options that Ring has to offer in terms of smart doorbells. It has substantially more features than other Ring doorbells. Like the other smart doorbell options we have included in this article, the Ring Doorbell Pro connects to your home Wi-Fi so that it can record and transmit video of your front porch and yard at all times. If you have been searching for a smart doorbell that you can monitor on your phone, this smart doorbell is a great choice for you.

Product Specs

teal wooden door beside white concrete wall

Image via unsplash.com

Do you want the ultimate technological experience with your smart doorbell? If you want the ability to access your doorbell from any device—including phone, computer, or tablet—the Ring Doorbell Pro is your dream. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to all of these devices, and it also connects to Alexa to allow you the most hands off experience.

You can also set up notifications so that no matter what, the instant someone comes in range of the sensor on your doorbell, you will be notified. This is convenient for security purposes, so that you know if someone is outside your front door. It is also useful for those days you know when you are expecting a delivery to arrive. Now, there is no need to guess about whether someone has visited your home while you are away.

Even while you are at home, the Ring Doorbell Pro enables you to simply check your phone to see who is at your door instead of getting up. The audio and video function acts as an intercom so you can speak with any guests at your door. You can also record video and, for a small monthly fee, download and store it on the Cloud.

Compared to former models of Ring smart doorbells, the Ring Doorbell Pro also has advanced motion detection. This allows you to fully customize your smart doorbell, so if there is any area in your front yard you would prefer to home in on, you can set the camera to do so. This way, you will not constantly be notified if, for example, there is a path where people walk their dogs or ride bikes in front of your home.

When you combine all of these beneficial features with the fact that the Ring Doorbell Pro comes with four interchangeable faceplates, you will be tempted to go with the Ring Doorbell Pro. The sleek and modern design is appealing to the eyes, instead of being a clunky and distracting digital gadget stuck to the outside of your home. For your convenience, it also installs directly into the same wiring from your existing doorbell.

Now that you know more about the Ring Doorbell Pro, you probably have an idea of whether it is a good choice for your home. But before you make the ultimate decision, let us compare it to some other smart doorbell models.


person counting dollar banknotes

Image via unsplash.com

These smart doorbells range in price based on the amount of features they may have. 

How It Compares

We picked a few similar smart doorbell models available on the market to see how they compare to the Ring Doorbell Pro in terms of price, ease of use, features, design quality, and warranty.

  • Video Doorbell AUNEX WiFi Doorbell

  • Arlo Audio Doorbell

  • Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Ring Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro, with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy...
  • 1080p HD video doorbell that lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet, or select Echo device....
  • Get notifications whenever motion is detected by customizing your motion zones.
  • With Live View, you can check in on your home any time through the Ring app.

This smart doorbell is undoubtedly top-of-the-line when it comes to the sheer amount of features it contains. From the advanced motion detection capabilities, to the beautiful design, to the Alexa compatibility for your convenience, this smart doorbell is a tough one to beat.

Ease of Use

This smart doorbell is fairly easy to install. It uses the old wiring from your previous doorbell so that it doesn’t require a battery. This doorbell also comes with the necessary hardware so that you can set it up yourself, or pay a professional to do it if you prefer. Ring estimates that it takes about 15 minutes for installation.


Anyone familiar with Ring products already knows how reputable and impressive the company is. The Ring Doorbell Pro is no exception to this rule. This smart doorbell allows you to connect with Alexa for voice control, and you can also use Wi-Fi to view your front porch and yard live, wherever you are, on your phone. Even if you are out and about, you can see what is going on through the app. You can also use the app to speak with guests and change the tones of the doorbell. If you choose, for a few dollars each month you can store the video on the Cloud to play it back later.

Design Quality

This sleek and beautiful doorbell will catch the eye of anyone who comes to your home. This model is thinner than the older Ring doorbells so it looks more streamlined, and it comes with four different faceplates so you can choose the one that best complements your home. The Ring design is, in fact, so iconic that many other brands have somewhat modeled their doorbells off of them. If you care about looks, this is a great choice.


This model comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Video Doorbell AUNEX WiFi Doorbell

AUNEX Video Doorbell WiFi Doorbell Camera PIR Motion Detection Cloud...
  • 【Wireless Wi-Fi Connection】Smart doorbell, just download the APP(UBell) and connect to the phone with 2.4GHz Wifi....
  • 【Smart PIR Motion Detection】Sends alerts as soon as motion is detected or when visitors press the doorbell.The...
  • 【Cloud Storage and SD Card Recording】Come with 16G SD card, also the app has upgraded free Cloud Storage. Easy to...

This Wi-Fi doorbell easily installs so that you can watch whatever is happening in a wide lens view right outside your home. You can also easily communicate with anyone at your door with both audio and video. This is a great budget choice for anyone who still wants a smart doorbell for their home.

Ease of Use

This doorbell is easy to install and comes with all the hardware needed. You can also choose to use either the backup rechargeable battery method or just plug it into the AC input.


This doorbell comes with a lot of desirable bells and whistles without the high price tag. There is still an app you can use to communicate with your guests through video and audio. This doorbell also comes with an SD card to store video and free Cloud storage where you can keep your video recording for up to seven days. You also get immediate notifications on your phone or tablet, if you choose, when someone comes close enough to trigger the sensor on the doorbell. The night vision will also ensure you feel secure at all hours.

Design Quality

This smart doorbell installs easily and provides most of the features you could ever want. It does not come in any different colors, and the battery life lasts up to six months on standby.


This model comes with a 2-year warranty

Arlo Audio Doorbell

Arlo Audio Doorbell, White (AAD1001-100NAS)
  • Doorbell notifications : Get calls on your smartphone or tablet when someone presses your Arlo Doorbell
  • Remote communication : Talk with visitors from your smartphone or tablet; Operating temperature: 4 degree F to 113° F...
  • Visitor messaging : Visitors can leave a message for you to listen remotely at your convenience. Requirements - Arlo...

This doorbell is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to converse with guests outside of their home effortlessly. The audio doorbell can also sync up with your Alexa device, so you really do not have to move at all.

Ease of Use

This wireless design lets you install this doorbell at home all by yourself in just a matter of minutes. You can also choose to set the doorbell up with your current chime hardware if you prefer.


This doorbell is probably the least “intelligent” of the smart doorbells on this list, so to speak. Unfortunately, if you are on the market for a video doorbell where you can actually see outside your door and have the security of recording your front yard, this is not the model for you. This doorbell is truly only audio, so while you can talk to people at your door, you cannot see them. That said, the app is easy to use and allows the doorbell to call you even when you’re not home so you can talk to your visitors. You may also place the doorbell on mute when you would prefer to be left in silence.

Design Quality

The Arlo Audio Doorbell is a sturdy and reliable audio doorbell for speaking with guests on the other side. It is sleek and small, so it does not take up much space. It also connects with an Arlo camera—if you purchase one separately.


The Arlo Audio Doorbell comes with a 1-year warranty

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen) – 720p HD video, motion activated...
  • 720p HD video doorbell that lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet, or select Echo device.
  • Get notifications whenever motion is detected by adjusting your motion zones.
  • With Live View, you can check in on your home any time through the Ring app.

This Ring Doorbell is fairly similar to the Ring Doorbell Pro, but it is not quite as advanced and lacks some features of the Pro model. But if you want a top-of-the-line device without spending as much money on the most up-to-date features, this is a great option.

Ease of Use

This Ring doorbell is simple to install, and should only take a few minutes to install, according to Ring’s manufacturers. That said, if you prefer, you may also pay extra for expert installation.


This doorbell has many of the features that were available with the Pro. You can still converse at any moment via phone, tablet, or computer with whoever is at your front door. You can also check in from time-to-time with the live view from the app, so it doesn’t matter where you are. With Alexa connectivity, the doorbell is convenient for anyone.

Design Quality

Though this device is super sleek and fashionable, there are no interchangeable faceplates for you to use the way there are with the higher-end models. Also, the video feed is only at 720 pixel resolution, as opposed to the 1080 pixel resolution of the Ring Doorbell Pro.


This model comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Conclusion—Ring Doorbell Pro Review

doorbell on the door

Image via pixabay.com

While all of these smart doorbells are suitable for keeping tabs on your home even while you’re away, we have to admit that the Ring Doorbell Pro impressed us in a way that the other doorbells fell just a bit short of. With the features the Ring Doorbell Pro has, we would have to give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. There is no limit to the way you can interact with guests outside your door, whether it’s using Alexa, or watching on your app and speaking with them through live video. The instant notifications are perfect for staying up to date all the time. This doorbell is ideal for really being connected to your home.

Now that you know more about smart doorbells and how to monitor your home from anywhere you are, you should feel equipped to make an informed decision. The Ring Doorbell Pro is sure to please anyone willing to spend a little bit of money keeping their home secure and keeping their own peace of mind. All you have to do now is pick the choice that is right for your home, take a few minutes installing, and start watching your own porch from your smart device!