Best Floodlight Cam and Selecting One

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Nowadays, floodlight cams are almost as important as door locks when it comes to home security. Just the light alone is usually enough to convince a ne’er-do-well to steer clear of your property. Failing that, the camera can tell you who was there and what they did. Most of the floodlight cams we checked out not only record audio and video, but they alert you to an intruder and allow you to check it out in real time on your phone. Some even allow you to have a two-way conversation with whomever tripped the sensor.

Read on to learn more about what they can do and which ones are the best.

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How We Reviewed These Floodlight Cams

Video clarity and light output are two of the most common complaints from people who regret their choice of floodlight cam, so we made sure to exclude models with cheap cameras and weak lights early on. The lowest resolution camera here is 640p, but that is on one of the solar units. The lower res saves precious battery power.

Modern LEDs put out a lot of high-quality light. Well, the good ones do. Every floodlight cam that made it onto our list incorporates bright LEDs with a “warmth” rating of at least 3,000k. This was important to us because we know how “cold” light can interfere with video quality.

Once we whittled the contestants down to the most dependable and useful floodlight cams, we did some research on the manufacturer’s customer support reputation. We will never recommend any product that is made or sold by a company that doesn’t stand behind its customers. Sadly, we had to say farewell to some otherwise nice floodlight cams because of numerous customer service and tech support complaints.

Now check out the awesome floodlight cams that make the cut!

The Best Floodlight Cams Reviewed And Compared


Ring Floodlight Cam

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Let’s start with one of the most popular models.

This floodlight cam turns its lights on, if it is dark, and starts recording as soon as it detects motion. You can also elect to receive alerts when the unit is activated. Once you receive the alert, you can view what is going on in real time. From there, you decide whether to sound the 115dB siren or not. You can also have a two-way conversation with whomever tripped the sensor. This is the first security camera to combine light, siren and two-way communication.

Installation is simple if you use it to replace an existing floodlight because the wiring is the same. The camera transmits images via WiFi.

The app for Android and Apple devices is pretty easy to use, and multiple users can access the system from their devices.

These LEDs are bright and allow the camera to capture clear 1080p images at a distance of 60 feet.

Be aware that there is a monthly fee to access the app.


Utilitech Pro

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This model features a built-in 8G memory card that can store up to 10 hours of 1080×720 video. There is no recurring fees to access stored footage, but you will have to download the free LUTEC app to view live streaming video on your device and receive real-time alerts.

It detects motion in a 270 degree swath at a distance of up to 70 feet. When motion is detected, it starts recording. Of course, it will shine its lights when it detects motion at night.

We like the quality of the light this model puts out. The LEDs are rated at 5000k, which is a very inviting and comfortable light. You can use this floodlight cam to illuminate outdoor nighttime gatherings. At 38 watts, it is just the right intensity.

This model does not offer a siren or two-way communication, but it can save you money over the Ring floodlight cam.


Freecam Floodlight Camera

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We are so impressed with the value of this floodlight cam that we made it the budget pick of our list.

This unit automatically lights and records when it detects an intruder and stores the video on an internal SD card. Cloud-based storage is also available for a monthly or yearly fee. You can access this stored video from your PC or smart device.

There are other quality floodlight cams available in this price range, but none of them offer such impressive false alarm suppression technology. It learns to ignore moving trees, changes in light and even small animals that can trigger a false alarm. There is even a function that allows you to teach it which areas to pay special attention to. This technology is hard to find in security cameras at twice the price.

The camera is a bit conspicuous on this unit, so you may want to avoid it if you are after a model with a discreet cam.


SENS8 Outdoor Camera with Light

[amazon box=”B07HF174WM”]

SENS8 designed a secure and durable floodlight camera that is weatherproof and will remain reliable, even during intense weather conditions. This device will provide you with peace of mind and improve your security by startling intruders thanks to the bright light and built-in alarm system. It’s cleverly triggered by motion, during the day and night, though you can adjust the settings to switch on this device at a time that suits you.

Unlike some of the other floodflight cameras on this list, you don’t need to pay a subscription fee to store any video recordings to your storage service. With 8BG of built-in memory, there’s plenty of storage space to review footage afterward. Plus, every purchase comes inclusive with a one-year guarantee and 24/7 online live support should you encounter any faults or difficulties.

There are so many features you can customize with this camera. This includes the zones you want the camera to detect motions. For example, if you have a pet that spends time in the garden, you don’t want the alarm to sound constantly. You can also send notifications to your phone if the camera picks-up any unusual activities.


Sengled Floodlight Camera

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This is another floodlight camera we’re excited to present to you. It comes equipped with a two-way voice activation that allows you to see, hear, and speak to visitors via the app on your chosen device. Not only have Sengled got your security and privacy in mind, but this device is handy for visitors, too.

There are no complications when you install and program the device. Screw in a light bulb with the adjustable head, and you’re good to go. The enhanced wireless antennas promise a stable connection at all times, and you can connect this device to your Wi-Fi signal.

If you’re away from home, use the remote control feature to rotate the camera to keep an eye on your surroundings. You can do this live.

However, there’s no need to constantly monitor the camera as it’ll send you push notifications if it detects activity or sound in the zones you activated.

Sengled provides you with numerous plan choices – one of which is free. If you’d prefer to upgrade your budget, opt for the paid plan for person detection and to selection motion zones, so the camera doesn’t incorrectly send an alarm for an animal.


Netatmo Presence

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Some condominiums and apartment complexes do not allow floodlight cams because they tend to stand out. But few property managers would have a problem with this model. It looks more like a regular walkway light than it does a floodlight camera. And it can easily replace an existing outdoor light with no sawing or drilling needed.

The camera can tell the difference between cars, people and animals. You can customize the alert settings so you are only notified about the activity you care about. Let’s say you are expecting a visitor. From your smartphone, you can set the unit to alert you when a car pulls up your drive and have it automatically turn the light on for them. Or you can set it to ignore cars and only let you know when someone is walking toward your door.

Video is stored on the built-in SD card, but you have the option of storing it on your Dropbox account as well.


KKmoon Solar Floodlight Camera

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We wanted to include a couple solar floodlight cams on this list. Solar units are easier to install where there is no existing floodlight or junction box. They can simply be anchored to a post or the side of your house with screws. The cameras connect wirelessly, so there is never any need to run a video wire.

This solar model automatically records audio and video when it senses a warm body in its detection zone, which is about 20 feet. To conserve the lithium battery’s life, the LEDs are designed to draw just enough power to illuminate this detection zone.

Video and audio is stored on a memory card, which is not included. You can also take advantage of the USB interface to download footage onto your phone or laptop.

This floodlight cam does not have a “base” that attaches to your house or other solid surface like others do. Instead, it comes with two mounting brackets and screws. This actually gives you more versatility. It can be mounted on a barn, carport or even on a garden post so you can identify what type of critter is stealing your carrots.


Maxsa Innovations Solar Floodlight Cam

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This solar model records and stores up to five hours of video, but no audio, at a resolution of 640p on its 16GB memory card.

What impressed us about this model is the detached solar panel. This gives you more flexibility. You don’t have to worry about the angle you point the unit facing away from the sun. Just mount the floodlight cam how you want it and mount the panel facing south, if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Floodlight Cams Replace Existing Floodlights?

Yes, they can. Simply remove the floodlight and install a floodlight cam in its place. All of the models on our list send audio and video to your router or phone wirelessly, so you don’t have to run a separate wire for them.

If Someone Commits A Crime, Like Theft, On My Property, Will Footage From These Cams Hold Up In Court?

The footage can be used as evidence, just like footage from a department store can be used as evidence to prosecute a shoplifter.

Do The Batteries In The Solar Flood-cam Lights Last All Night?

Normally, they do. Both of the solar units on our list require about nine hours of sunlight to fully charge their battery. But they rarely use all of their battery’s power in one night. Modern LEDs, like the ones integrated into every floodlight cam on our list, draw very little energy compared to incandescent and HID lights. Furthermore, the solar models that we included here limit the duration of their light and recording cycles to conserve energy. Simply put, solar floodlight cam batteries rarely go dead.

The Final Verdict

The Ring Floodlight Cam has the distinction of being the best-overall model on our list. It offers high resolution video and audio with a good amount of storage. We really like the app. It allows you to watch live or recorded footage from anywhere.

The solar models offer unparalleled mounting flexibility. They can be installed pretty much anywhere. They do not allow you to view captured video in real time and they do not alert you to potential intruders. We look forward to the day that solar floodlight cams catch up to the rest of the pack in terms of connectivity.

We are impressed with the design of the Netatmo Presence. It doesn’t look like a floodlight cam, but it works just as well as the rest of them. It also offers the most precise customization of the alerts it sends to you.

All of the other models have their own little advantages and drawbacks, but the fact that they are on this list means that they are dependable and high-quality options.