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Peephole Camera Comparison Data

When you hear "peephole camera," you may think of a hidden camera designed to record people while they are unaware. But peephole cameras are actually made to be installed in your door's peephole. There are many advantages to replacing an old aperture with a camera.

Peephole cams provide a better view of who is outside your door. It is much easier to see an image on a screen than it is to squint through a little hole. Kids can't see through standard peepholes at all. Neither can shorter or taller people.

Today's peephole cameras offer some impressive technology. We have reviewed some here that send a live video image to your phone when someone rings your doorbell or knocks and allow you to talk to them as if they were standing in front of you.

How We Reviewed These Peephole Cameras

This is a list of the best. We patiently weeded out cheaply constructed models so you won't even have to hear about them. Many of the peephole cameras we looked at had horrible resolution. You don't need really high-quality video and image capability in a camera of this type, but you don't want grainy or low-contrast images either.

We were surprised at how many "peephole cameras" on the market today are actually just slightly modified versions of doorbell cams! That just doesn't work. A peephole camera should be designed to look good on your door, or at least look like it was designed to go there. We did not include any cam that was not designed specifically with a door in mind.

Once we excluded the models that did not meet our high standards, we picked the best in a few categories. Three of our reviews are for simple cameras that do not record images or video. These are inexpensive and simple options that suit their purpose splendidly.

We also reviewed some more advanced peephole cams. We included some that detect motion and automatically take pictures or video and store them for later viewing.

Throughout the process, we kept your family's security in mind. Even if you are looking into buying a peephole camera for convenience purposes, they are ultimately a great security device. You may even want to buy one of the more advanced models for a senior in your life. There are some bad people in this world that prey on senior citizens and children. Opening the door can be a dangerous thing.

Take a look at the peephole cameras that we reviewed here. They all meet our standards for dependability, camera clarity, screen quality and ease of installation. We also checked out customer service ratings and did not include any products from companies that do not offer support to their customers after purchase.

The Best Peephole Cameras Compared And Reviewed

Awakingdemi Peephole Camera

Peephole Camera, Peephole Viewer, Awakingdemi 3.0 inch Door Viewer...
  • ★【ATTENTION PLEASE】- Not a video doorbell. just a peephole camera.No PIR,No motion sensor,Simple push button to...
  • ★【SUPER TFT DISPLAY】-3.0 inch hd display 2 million professional security cameras
  • ★【Note】you will have to drill a hole in your door if you don’t have one USB and mobile power...

This is a simple peephole camera with a couple useful features.

When someone knocks or rings your doorbell, you push the button to turn the camera on so you can see who is out there. If you want to take a picture of who is standing outside your door, you push the button twice. The lack of recording and two-way communication features really simplifies operation and keeps the price down. It can support up to a 32G memory card, which can store a lot of pictures.

This is so simple that even small children can use it. You can instruct them to take a picture of callers so you know who is coming to your door when your kids are home alone.


  • Simple
  • Affordable


  • No video recording
  • No intercom
  • No mobile connectivity

Cheesea Digital Peephole Viewer

This model is even simpler and a bit less expensive. It is only a camera. It does not take pictures. What it does is give a crystal clear and undistorted wide-angle view of your caller on its big 3.5″ LCD screen.

This is a good high-quality peephole cam that lacks the features you may not need.


  • Very simple to operate
  • Nice display
  • Affordable


  • No video recording
  • No intercom
  • Does not take pictures
  • No Mobile Connectivity

Digital Express Peephole Door Viewer

Yale Look Door Viewer - WiFi Door Viewer, Video Doorbell - See Who's...
  • See, hear and speak to anyone at your door from your smartphone using the Look app
  • Receive an alert when a visitor presses the doorbell button or triggers the motion sensors
  • Scroll through a timeline feed of all the activity from your front door,replaces your existing peephole in minutes with...

Here is our budget pick. It is the cheapest peephole camera on our list, but it is well-made. And it beats trying to see out your door through a little peephole!

Installation is very simple, and everything you need is included. You will, however, have to drill a hole through your door unless you are replacing a standard peephole.

You simply push a button to turn the camera on whenever someone comes calling. The 2.2″ screen is big enough to see what is going on outside, but it may be difficult for you to see if you have poor eyesight. The clarity of the video is fine, but the screen is pretty small.

All-in-all, this is a fine little camera. We included it here because you just can't beat the value.


  • The most affordable peephole camera on our list
  • Clear image
  • Simple operation


  • No video recording
  • No intercom
  • Doesn't take pictures
  • No mobile connectivity
  • Screen is a bit small

Brinno Peephole Security Camera

Brinno Front Door Peephole Security Camera SHC500 – Theft Proof...
  • Wireless Versatility: Replace your outdated peephole with our big screen peephole camera that's wire-free and...
  • Secure Your Home: Family and loved one's security was first and foremost when creating the Brinno SHC500. You can safely...
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Great for homeowners and apartment dwellers alike, our door viewer camera offers DIY...

This is one of the truly smart peephole cams on our list.

It automatically records video or takes pictures when it senses motion within 13 feet of your door. Every image and video is stamped with the time and date so you know who was there and when they came.

You can view the footage on the 2.7″ screen, or you can remove the memory card and use it to view the images and video on your PC, laptop or other device.

When used as a peephole camera, it is undetectable from outside. But this model can also be used as a outdoor security camera. It takes a little time and a bit of effort to remove it from your door and mount it outside, so don't think you can just move it around whenever you want to. But you do have the option of moving it if you ever need to.


  • Clear image
  • Simple operation
  • Takes video and pictures
  • Can also be used as an outdoor security camera
  • Motion-detection capability


  • No intercom
  • No mobile connectivity

Eques Digital Door Viewer

Eques Digital Door Viewer - LCD Security Camera Monitor Video Record...
  • Children & Senior Friendly - Records visitors in pictures and videos without a smartphone
  • Anti-Peeping - Reflective mirror preventing from peeping into the house
  • Easy Installation - Takes less than 3 minutes

The Eques Digital Door Viewer is another simple peephole camera. It takes pictures and video at the push of a button. Unfortunately, it does not stamp the time or date on the images.

One great thing about this cam is the included 8GB micro SD card. It can store thousands of pictures and up to 37 hours of video.


  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Included SD card


  • No intercom
  • No mobile connectivity

Digitsea Digital Door Peephole Viewer

digitsea Video Door Viewer 1200mAh Build-in Lithium Battery Peephole...
  • 1. This door viewer does not connect to the Internet.
  • 2.The front camera is not wireless and it should be always connected to the indoor unit.
  • 3. Make sure there is an existing peephole on your front door before purchasing, otherwise, you have to drill one by...

This peephole camera offers you function and affordability. It is the perfect choice if you already have a peephole in your door, but if you don't, it's no problem as you can drill the hole for installation. 

You will find that this is easy to install. It comes with all the hardware you need. Plus, it includes hardware to allow install on doors of varying thickness. 

When someone rings the doorbell, the camera automatically takes a picture, so you capture a visual on anyone who rings your doorbell. It will also record video if you want. 

This unit does have night vision and LED lighting. It features a wide angle lens that captures visuals within a 120 degree range. It also has a 4.0V industrial high definition color sensor. 


  • Takes videos and pictures
  • Easy installation
  • Runs on AA batteries or AC adapter
  • Night vision


  • Does not have WiFi capabilities
  • Only records or takes picture when doorbell is pressed

Frequently Asked Questions

How Hard Is It To Install A Peephole Camera?

All of the peephole cams on this list have been made with ease of installation in mind. Be sure to check the specifications to make sure that the cam you are interested in will fit your door. There are many videos on Youtube that will walk you through installation.

Why Not Just Get A Doorbell Camera?

There are several key differences between doorbell cams and peephole cams. Doorbell cams do not come with a monitor. They have to connect with your smartphone or other device. And most doorbell cams stand out. A hostile visitor can simply cover the camera or steal it. This is not possible with a peephole camera.

The Final Verdict

Some of our simpler peephole cameras that do not record video or take pictures are great if you just want a high-tech step up from a traditional peephole. With one of these cameras, you can actually see clearly who is at your door instead of having to move your head around to try to get that perfect angle that will allow you to see who's there.

The more advanced models that take pictures and video may be your best bet it you want a record of who visits your home. They are affordable and easy to use.

You may want to choose one of the peephole cameras that automatically send an alert to your phone when they detect motion if you have children who sometimes stay home by themselves. Models with intercom ability allow you to answer the door from your phone so your kids don't have to.

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