Best Security Lights To Make Your House Smarter

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When burglars see they have nowhere to hide in well-lit areas, it deters them from committing a crime. Knowing this, it is a smart move to cast a light on unwanted activity with high-quality security lights for your home. There are various options you can choose from when it comes to security lights for your home. This makes it easier for you to find the perfect one at the right price.

Best Security Lights Comparison Table

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Product FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about security lights for your home.

1. What Are Security Lights?

Security lights are inexpensive security solutions that offer extra outdoor lighting and also act as deterrents for unwanted activity.

2. What Types of Security Lights Are There?

There are many different kinds of security lights. The three most common are LED flood lights, solar flood lights, and motion-sensor lights.

3. How Do Motion Sensors Work?

Motion-sensors use various technologies to alert you when movement is detected within a certain range. For optimal security, a motion-sensor light should cover a range of about 40-feet or more.

4. Where Should I Place My Light?

It is important that you read the instructions that accompany your product for optimal placement. Most people like to put security lights in areas around their driveways, windows, stairways, patios, and doors. If you place the light too low, pets can trigger it too easily. However, if you place it too high, you may miss potential intruders.

5 Should I Use a Wired or Wireless Light?

The answer to this question really depends on your unique needs. If you aren’t sure about where you want to place the light, a wireless motion-sensor would be ideal for easy relocation. If you want to secure a larger area, a wired sensor will better meet your needs.

How We Reviewed

We reviewed some of the most popular security lights to see for ourselves which one is the best in terms of price, warranty, and features.

Overall Price Range

A lower-priced model may be more affordable but a higher-priced model will typically have a much greater lifespan and more customizable features.

What We Reviewed

  • RAB Lighting
  • Home Zone 64321 Mark 1 Outdoor LED Flood Security Light
  • EATON Lighting FTR1740L Bronze Round LED Flood Light
  • Mr Beams MB532 Wireless Battery-Operated Indoor/Outdoor Motion-Sensing LED Step/Stair Light
  • MAXSA Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight
  • URPOWER Solar Lights
  • Lithonia Lighting OLFL 14 PE BZ M4 Security LED Dusk-to-Dawn Floodlight
  • Light It! By Fulcrum
  • 80 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Light
  • Hyperikon LED Outdoor Flood Security Light

​RAB Lighting

[amazon box=”B000W3UH4O”]


If you have a big yard, this security light has you covered. This reliable light has a motion-sensor that spans 180-degrees out and 360-degrees down, allowing for total detection and complete protection. It is immune to radio frequencies. Lighting and motion settings are easily adjustable to put you in full control of your security. You have the choice between an always-on or a motion detection setting. With the motion detection setting, the time the light stays on after motion is detected can be adjusted from 5 seconds to 12 minutes. That means if you take your dog outside at night, you won’t have worry about this security light leaving you in the dark. The sensitivity can be adjusted from 100% down to 30%.

This light has three LEDs that constantly scan back and forth with advanced detection logic that minimizes false triggers. Sensitivity is automatically adjusted for detection in hot and cold temperatures alike. It is even suitable for wet areas. This heavy-duty product features durable mounts and a quick wiring setup. Surge protection allows for up to 6000 volts and this light can be wired in parallel.


10-year sensory warranty.

​Home Zone 64321 Mark 1 Outdoor LED Flood Security Light

[amazon box=”B00F58KCEQ”]


This Home Zone security light features 180-degree motion sensor detection and up to 32.8 feet forward range. There is a manual override function, and you can set the lights so they are always turned on. The light is bright enough to light up your whole backyard. To adjust the sensors, you have to reposition them manually.


5-year limited manufacturer warranty.

EATON Lighting FTR1740L Bronze Round LED Flood Light

EATON Lighting FTR1740L Bronze Round LED Flood Light

[amazon fields=”B010ZFXNKI” value=”button”]


This light has an attractive round, yet discreet design that is available in white and bronze. Its durable die-cast aluminum makes it suitable for a wide range of environments, including wet areas. It is extremely bright, making it suitable for large commercial properties such as parking lots or loading docks. The LEDs have 35,000 hours of life in them, meaning you won’t have to replace this light for a while. It is also energy-saving and has 1600 lumens to allow for a good level of brightness without the intensity of other lights. A 5000k daylight color temperature helps you stay alert.

This light can be easily installed with support hooks, push connectors, and attached screws. It features tool-less adjustment, and a switch operated on and off switch, giving you more hands-free control.


5-Year limited warranty.

​Mr Beams MB532 Wireless Battery-Operated Indoor/Outdoor Motion-Sensing LED Step/Stair Light

[amazon box=”B008X099PG”]


This automatic and convenient light is perfect for stairways, porches, patios, decks, and sheds. It comes with two battery-powered lights that are available in brown or white. With four screws and four mounting brackets, wireless installation is simple. It has a tight seal to protect it from the elements. This motion-sensing light provides 35 Lumens and covers a distance of 120 square feet. It features motion activation from 15 feet and has a 20 or 60-second automatic shut off feature, which extends battery life.

It has a unique feature, GlowMode, that offers a low-light setting to help prevent you from tripping or falling. This optional feature allows light to remain on in the absence of motion. GlowMode operates at a 2-lumen light, so it does not impact battery life. With an average of 8-10 motion sensor activations per day, a set of batteries will provide one year of light.


1-Year against manufacturer defects.

​MAXSA Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight

MAXSA Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight

[amazon fields=”B001U2D6OO” value=”button”]


For those concerned about energy efficiency, this light features a solar panel that converts direct sunlight into electricity that charges the battery inside the light. The solar panel is amorphous, so you won’t have to worry about it not charging on cloudy days. In direct sunlight, it takes about 6-8 hours to fully charge. It has three rechargeable NiMH batteries that, when fully charged, provide light for up to 90 one-minute activations. It comes with four super-bright lights that give 160 lumens of light. The dual-adjustable lights means you can cover twice the distance! It is great for medium-size areas like walkways, garages, carports, backyards, balconies, decks, sheds, and patios.

This light features three dials that let you adjust the time, Lux, and sensitivity settings. With a 180-degree area of motion detection, you can detect motion up to 40 feet away. The motion-sensor range can be adjusted from 10 to 40-feet. You can also adjust the amount of darkness it takes to activate the light, whether it be 5 PM afternoon daylight or 8 PM night darkness. You can adjust the light duration after motion stops from ten seconds to four minutes.


1-year limited warranty

​URPOWER Solar Lights

[amazon box=”B012ZPKNFE”]


This solar light is weatherproofed and heatproof, making it ideal for lighting outdoor areas such as your driveway, porch, garden, or backyard. When the motion-sensor is activated, the light automatically turns on and turns off 30 seconds after motion stops. It takes 6-8 hours to fully charge and provides up to 12 hours of light once it is fully charged. It has a 120-degree detection range and detects motion up to three meters away. No wiring is necessary, allowing for an installation time of mere seconds. It features eight led lamp beads, giving it a brighter light that lasts longer. The light is tinted blue.


90-day warranty.

​Lithonia Lighting OLFL 14 PE BZ M4 Security LED Dusk-to-Dawn Floodlight

​Lithonia Lighting OLFL 14 PE BZ M4 Security LED Dusk-to-Dawn Floodlight

[amazon fields=”B00F94U1RE” value=”button”]


This 4k LED adjustable floodlight is an energy-efficient power-saver that can save you over $100 a year depending on the cost of energy in your area. It uses only 25.4 watts of electricity. This durable light is designed to provide you with up to 50,000 hours of protection, which is about 23 years. The Dusk to Dawn Sensor that is built into the LED fixture automatically turns on or off depending on the level of light. This floodlight gives you 1900 lumens and a 4000k bright white temperate to cast light on your outside environment. It works well in residential or commercial areas from driveways to warehouses. With cast-aluminum and a hardened glass lens, it is resistant to corrosion, moisture, and dirt. It has an alluring bronze finish.


5-year limited warranty.

Light It! By Fulcrum

[amazon box=”B004H8EY44″]


If you are looking for a simple, attractive light for your front porch, this may be the light for you. It works great in other small areas too. It has a sleek design that makes it look good anywhere. It comes in silver, charcoal bronze, or white. It is weatherproofed to protect against moisture. With only two screws and no wiring necessary, installation is easy and quick. It uses four C batteries that are not included. Energy-efficient LED floodlight technology uses six LEDs to extend battery life, and they never need replacing. It offers wide coverage with a bright light that is glare-free.

The built-in motion-sensor automatically turns the light on when it detects a moving heat source. The light will remain on for as long as motion is detected in the area and for 30 seconds after motion stops. The rotating head makes it easy to adjust to fit your needs. It will last you more than 100,000 hours. It offers 25-foot detection range at a 100-degree angle.


2-year warranty.

​80 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Light

[amazon box=”B00FDQPCR2″]


If you are looking for a reliable security light that provides natural light, look no further. With up to eight hours of continuous light, this solar motion light is ideal for flooding one specific area. You can adjust the motion-sensor timer from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. The detection range can be changed from 9 to 32 feet. The solar panel comes with a 16.4-feet extension cable, so you can place the lamp in a dark area as long as the solar panel has direct sunlight.


2-year warranty.

Hyperikon LED Outdoor Flood Security Light

[amazon box=”B01ETUHXR4″]


These waterproof and weatherproof LED security floodlights are super-bright with 90 lumens per watt. They are effective at keeping away unwanted activity with a sensor range of 30-40 feet. You will be in complete control of your security with the built-in motion and dusk-to-dawn sensors. The light can be easily installed with a wall mounting design and a few easy wiring steps. It is ideal for workshops, storage rooms, driveway, parking lots and more.

You can change the on-time duration, brightness, and range. It has a 360-degree cap rotation that allows for easy adjustment; you can even adjust the light head to change the direction of the light. A150-degree infrared motion sensor gives you even more security with the option to change the direction of the motion sensor. It can withstand intense temperatures from -22°F to 120°F.


5-year warranty.

The Verdict

After reviewing these security lights, we found that RAB Lighting is the best one. It may be more expensive than the others, but it will more than make up for this in the end. We chose it because of the wide range of features that conveniently and confidently put you in total control of your security and safety. By far, RAB Lighting has the widest scope of adjustable setting. We especially like the motion-sensor light that can be adjusted from 5 seconds to 12 minutes! Another thing that put it at number one for us is that the motion-sensor spans 180-degrees out and 360-degrees down, which is more than most lights cover. In addition, it is designed to endure through hot, cold, and even rainy days. No matter the weather, it won’t let you down.

We cannot recommend this security light enough. However, if you are on a budget or just want to cover a smaller area, the Mr Beams MB532 Wireless Battery-Operated Indoor/Outdoor Motion-Sensing LED Step/Stair Light is an affordable option that doesn’t lose any effectiveness with the lower price. With Mr Beams, you get the unique GlowMode feature that provides a low-light setting to help you see your way around in the dark. However, RAB Lighting would undoubtedly be the best option if you are worried about intruders.

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