Best Water Sensor To Make Your House Smarter

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Have you ever spilled something in the kitchen? You were probably pretty annoyed at having to wipe that up, even if did not create a huge puddle. Well, imagine that spill magnified times a hundred, or a thousand. If you have ever had an appliance or pipe start leaking in your home, you may be forming a very messy vision at this point. Water leaks can wreak catastrophic damage on your home, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and massively disrupting your life. You probably would rather avoid such damage, and the good news is that there is a device to help you do it: the water sensor.

Instead of just realizing that you have a leak in your house when it is already too late and having to clean up all that water, you can get a water sensor. These products can help make sure that you can be worry-free whether you are at home or away. You may have many questions about water sensors or already have a sense of what they do but feel unsure of what kind to buy.

Well, look no further. This article will offer extensive basic information on water sensors, and we will also offer our number-one choice for overall value out of a list of ten amazing products. Let’s go ahead and take the guesswork out of your next purchase and set you up with the knowledge to purchase a sensor (or several) for your home with confidence.

Water Sensor Comparison Table

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Water Sensor FAQ

Water Sensor To Make Your House Smarter

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If you want to know more about water sensors and what you need to know when purchasing one, here are answers to some common questions you may have:


What Is a Water Sensor?

In its most common design style and form, a water sensor is a small device that, when lying flat, will alert the user in some way when water comes into contact with or submerges the device. These devices come in various shapes and models, and they may be battery-powered, require the use of an outlet, or operate from either of those sources. Whatever sensor model you have, it will come in handy the next time you have a leak of some sort in the area where you place it.


What Is the Difference Between a Smart Water Sensor and a Standard Unit?

Unlike a “regular” water sensor, a smart sensor has Wi-Fi connectivity and thus the ability to collect to a compatible hub and be controlled remotely via your smartphone. You will be able to connect your smart sensor to your device via an application specifically designed for this purpose, providing you with genuine peace of mind. While a traditional water sensor will typically make a loud noise to alert you to a potential issue, this only works if you are home to hear the alarm. Here’s the bottom line: a smart sensor can alert you to a water emergency regardless of your location.


Where Should a Water Sensor Be Placed?

You should place your water sensor somewhere close to appliances that operate using water or in another area of concern and risk. For instance, if you have a leaky dishwasher that acts up from time to time, you will want to put a sensor close to your dishwasher. You can also put sensors near your HVAC system’s components or under sinks near the pipes. Water sensors are typically small enough to fit most places you would consider putting them. Remember to check whether your sensor requires an outlet when you are ready to make a purchase with a specific trouble spot in mind.


Where Can I Buy Water Sensors?

You can purchase water sensors from various retailers in your area, or you can take advantage of the strong selection and wealth of product information available online at sites such as Amazon.

How We Reviewed Water Sensors

We reviewed these ten top water sensor options in an unbiased fashion, considering credible reviews and consumer ratings as well as our team’s own experiences. It may seem tough to know which sensors are worth your money, but we strive to cover the key features, approximate price, and other notable aspects relevant to each product, making your buying decision quite a bit less intimidating.

​What We Reviewed

  • Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detector
  • iHome iSB02 Battery Powered WI-FI Dual Leak Sensor
  • Zircon Leak Alert WiFi – Smart Electronic Water Detector
  • Water Leak Sensor by leakSMART
  • FIBARO HomeKit Flood Sensor
  • Automatic Laundry Water Leak Detector and Shut-Off System
  • Wally Sensor for Smart Detection of Water Leaks
  • Smart Wi-Fi Water Sensor
  • Samsung SmartThings ADT Water Leak Detector
  • 4 Pack Water Leak Detector

[amazon link=”B01HBZQYYC” title=”Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detector”]

[amazon box=”B01HBZQYYC”]


This 4-foot-long long sensor will alert you if there is any water or humidity along the length of the cord. Excessive humidity can also be detected and trigger an alert in case you have delicate items that you do not want damaged, and this is a Wi-Fi enabled sensor that can get the alerts you need to you wherever you are.

This product does not require a separate home hub for it to connect seamlessly to your smartphone and deliver mobile alerts. There are also audible alerts for when you are home. We appreciated the inclusion of a temperature gauge to let you know if it’s getting cold enough that pipes might freeze.

[amazon link=”B076TDZX9J” title=”iHome iSB02 Battery Powered WI-FI Dual Leak Sensor”]

[amazon box=”B076TDZX9J”]


If there are any large areas in your home you are concerned about, this leak sensor may be perfect for you. With an extra-long 6-foot cord, this sensor can cover large areas no matter where you need it. There are also two sensors built into this product, so you will be notified of water intrusion into either of two specific areas. Since it draws its power from a battery instead of an outlet, you can use this sensor wherever you like. You will also get mobile alerts through notifications on your phone and monitor your house for leaks wherever you are.

[amazon link=”B0748RK2XQ” title=”Zircon Leak Alert WiFi – Smart Electronic Water Detector”]

[amazon box=”B0748RK2XQ”]


With its simple Wi-Fi setup, this battery-powered sensor enables you to check on your house from anywhere. If you need multiple water sensors in your house, you can even give them different names. The alarm will go off when it senses water and also send emails to direct you to the source. If you have multiple connected sensors, you’ll know which one has been tripped. This water detector also emits a loud alarm sound whether or not Wi-Fi is operational.

[amazon link=”B0722CQQ3S” title=”Water Leak Sensor by leakSMART”]

[amazon box=”B0722CQQ3S”]


If you want complete control of leakage risks right in your hands, this sensor might be the right choice. You can purchase a separate component to attach to your water valve that will immediately turn your water off when the sensor goes off. This easy-to-use sensor will sound an alarm and link to your phone, too, so you can always be in-the-know when it comes to possible water damage.

[amazon link=”B01MA5FM54″ title=”FIBARO HomeKit Flood Sensor”]

[amazon box=”B01MA5FM54″]


This water sensor is ideal for anyone who is trying to keep an eye out for leaks in an Apple-equipped smart home. The sensor has a temperature gauge, too, so it will sound an alarm when the temperature is too low and pipes could freeze. This sensor also connects with Siri, so you can effortlessly check for leaks or temperature problems using only your voice.

[amazon link=”B0742N3KHF” title=”Automatic Laundry Water Leak ​Detector and Shut-Off System”]

[amazon box=”B0742N3KHF”]


This water detector is specifically designed for placement near washing machines. Its use requires an outlet, so it may not be your choice for every location. That said, it attaches easily to your plumbing and can be set to shut the water off automatically for you in an emergency. This product also offers a “vacation mode” that our reviewers appreciated.

[amazon link=”B07BMG2MC8″ title=”Wally Sensor for Smart Detection of Water Leaks”]

[amazon box=”B07BMG2MC8″]


This affordable sensor connects to its hub to contact you any way you like in the event of a leak. The application works through the hub to send a notification, text, email, phone call, or multiple alerts so that you are always aware of what’s going on in your home. This sensor also monitors humidity and temperature for added convenience.

[amazon link=”B07GDD1XXN” title=”Smart Wi-Fi Water Sensor”]

[amazon box=”B07GDD1XXN”]


This small, sleek water sensor is designed to fit well even into little spaces along your walls. The app allows you to monitor the temperature, any water leaks that might occur, and the battery level of the device so that your sensor never dies unexpectedly and leaves you unprotected.

[amazon link=”B077JS7GLC” title=”Samsung SmartThings ADT Water Leak Detector”]

[amazon box=”B077JS7GLC”]


This water sensor is designed to pair with Samsung information services and ADT security systems so that you can coordinate emergency efforts with professionals if needed. ADT will help to monitor your water levels, and this added security might make you forget you even have or require a water sensor.

[amazon link=”B07888XF16″ title=”4 Pack Water Leak Detector”]

[amazon fields=”B07888XF16″ value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” image_align=”center”]


Coming in a set of four, this affordable pack of sensors lets you address several leak-susceptible areas in your home. The loud alarm will make sure you are notified as soon as anything starts going wrong, water-wise, within your home. While this water leak detector does not have a connected app, it is a great budget-level choice to alert you while you are home.

The Verdict

After thoroughly exploring the key aspects of detecting water in your home to avoid water damage, we moved on to name our number-one pick out of all of these high-quality choices. Although all brands represented here are trustworthy and all of these water sensors have their good qualities, we have determined the best water sensor overall to be the water leak sensor offered by leakSMART.While this water leak sensor does cost a bit more than some of the other models we checked out, this leakSMART product is well worth it due to its feature set and overall quality. Yes, this sensor connects to your phone to let you know immediately if anything’s gone wrong, but it can do even more than that. This sensor actually connects to your water valves themselves so that it can switch off your water supply. When you are away from home, sometimes you might need a drastic option such as this one.

Whether you prefer a sensor with an app or one that plugs into a wall outlet, every available option is covered somewhere on our list. We sincerely hope you don’t ever have a serious water problem, but if you do, having sensors in place can make a world of difference in the damage done. Again, there are many, many quality choices on this list, so you should be well equipped to find the right water sensor for your home and needs. 

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