Review: Wemo Light Switch

Smart wall switches are just another product in the process of turning your home into a well-oiled machine. Not only can you operate security systems and cameras from your smartphone, you can also operate individual or groups of lights from provided applications. A smart wall switch does just that and from any location. However, you… Continue reading Review: Wemo Light Switch

Review: Scat Mat

One of the most difficult parts of training an indoor cat or dog can be enforcing those off-limit areas that can’t be fenced off or otherwise physically protected. Areas like countertops, couches, beds, and dining tables can seem almost impossible to keep your curious cats and dogs away from, particularly when there is no one… Continue reading Review: Scat Mat

Best Ir Extender

If you love the feel of stereo sound in your home theater system but hate the tangled wires that prevent your viewing experience from being truly state-of-the-art, then wireless infrared (IR) technology, including an IR extender, will help you create the home theater you have always wanted. Whether you want to be able to view… Continue reading Best Ir Extender