10 Smart Gadgets Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals You Need

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Holiday shopping looks a little different this year, with more sales happening online than perhaps ever before. You don’t need to stand in line at the crack of dawn to snag the best smart gadgets Black Friday sales.

Shopping online for smart home gadgets, Black Friday or not, is a great way to find unbeatable deals and compare products before really making up your mind. But if you go in blind, you’re sure to miss out on this year’s top sales.

Fret not, because we’ve put together a list of the best smart gadgets to buy this holiday shopping season.

10 Must-Have Smart Gadgets Black Friday Shoppers Don’t Want to Miss

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This year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have, more or less, merged into one long weekend of savings. For bargain hunters of all kinds, this is great news.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or checking items off your holiday gift list, here are the top smart home gadgets going on sale this Black Friday.

1. Ring doorbell

[amazon fields=”B0849J7W5X” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B0849J7W5X” value=”button”]

Between its propensity for making laugh-out-loud social media videos and its pure convenience, the Ring doorbell is easily the most talked-about smart home gadget of the moment. It’s also a prime candidate for great holiday deals you won’t find the rest of the year.

Why is this tiny video-enabled doorbell so popular? First and foremost, it lets you see who is knocking, ringing, or just loitering at your door from anywhere. That means you can easily see who is outside, whether from your bed or all the way from the office.

Ring doorbells also include two-way audio. While you won’t experience crystal-clear sound quality from either end, this feature is surprisingly handy in day-to-day life.

Some of the top Ring models to look for this season include the [amazon link=”B0849J7W5X” title=”Ring Video Doorbell 3″] and [amazon link=”B01DM6BDA4″ title=”Ring Video Pro”].

You can also snag a deal by bundling your new Ring Doorbell with a compatible voice assistant, like the Amazon Echo Show. So before you hit “Checkout” this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, be sure to check for extra savings!

2. Smart locks

[amazon fields=”B06Y2C4QQG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B06Y2C4QQG” value=”button”]

Going into this holiday shopping season, you probably have a few electronics on your must-buy list. But smart gadgets Black Friday deals are a great place to find new devices you never knew existed.

For instance: With the prevalence of app-enabled security systems, many homeowners replace their traditional home deadbolts with “smart” versions.

There are countless models out there, ranging from those equipped with a regular keypad to locks entirely managed from a smartphone or tablet.

This year, you’ll find major savings on models like the [amazon link=”B06Y2C4QQG” title=”Yale Assure Lock”] with Z-Wave and [amazon link=”B07KQY3MWL” title=”Schlage Connect”] Smart Deadbolt. Both locks work as an add-on to most existing smart security systems (so you won’t need to deal with an extra app).

There’s no singular big name in smart lock technology. Instead, smart locks use Z-Wave technology to be cross-compatible with systems like Ring, Nest, and SmartThings. Always check that your existing gadgets support Z-Wave tech before buying.

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3. Philips Hue

[amazon fields=”B07XH4KDR5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07XH4KDR5″ value=”button”]

Remember the late-night commercials for clap-activated light switches? Those are a thing of the past. Now you can control every light in your home from your phone or tablet.

When it comes to smart gadgets that your family will use multiple times per day, each and every day, nothing beats WiFi-enabled lightbulbs like the Philips Hue system.

With this system, you can adjust the brightness and color (of compatible bulbs) and create a custom on-and-off schedule for your home’s lights. The scheduling feature is surprisingly versatile too, since you can create a gradual wake-up alarm or make lights turn on when you’re away on vacation.

If you’re installing smart lightbulbs for the first time, the [amazon link=”B07XH4KDR5″ title=”Philips Hue White”] and Color Ambiance Starter Kit is a great Black Friday steal. It comes with a hub, three lightbulbs, and a smart button — perfect for outfitting a single room.

And once you have the hub set up, you can install additional lightbulbs throughout the rest of your home as you please.

4. Smart thermostats

[amazon fields=”B07NQT85FC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07NQT85FC” value=”button”]

We’re all doing our best to save money and cut down on household energy usage. However, if you’re still relying on a traditional thermostat, you’re missing out on some of the easiest energy savings out there.

Smart thermostats have been around for years now, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive. Instead, the technology seems to improve tenfold with each new release.

These handy devices let you control your home’s temperature from a phone or tablet (even when you’re not actually home). Most also connect to voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa, for hands-free control.

The market is flush with smart thermostats promising to make your life a little easier. But if you’re looking for smart gadgets Black Friday deals on the absolute best models, check out the [amazon link=”B07NQT85FC” title=”ecobee SmartThermostat”] with Voice Control or Nest Learning Thermostat.

5. iRobot Roomba

[amazon fields=”B08C4LC7TG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B08C4LC7TG” value=”button”]

Staying home means being hyper-aware of the day-to-day dirt and dust that collects in our living spaces. Just because we’re spending more time at home, though, doesn’t mean we have any extra time to clean.

A robot vacuum can help keep your home clean when you’re too busy to do the job yourself. You can find deals on these smart gadgets from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, so now is the perfect time to invest in an automatic vacuum of your own.

The iRobot Roomba was one of the first big names in robotic vacuum cleaners, and the brand is still going strong. Today, these automatic vacuum cleaners even connect to your favorite smart devices for easier scheduling, mapping, and maintenance.

The [amazon link=”B08C4JXBPF” title=”iRobot Roomba i3″] is WiFi-enabled and works with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If voice controls aren’t your thing, you can manage everything in the app.

For a vacuum that’s almost entirely self-contained, consider upgrading to the [amazon link=”B08C4LC7TG” title=”iRobot Roomba i3+”]. Along with the features above, this model comes with a self-emptying station. It limits the amount of maintenance needed to keep your Roomba up and running.

6. Tile trackers

[amazon fields=”B08BNVQDWT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B08BNVQDWT” value=”button”]

Busy schedule or not, no one has time to misplace their phone, wallet, or keys. Even when we’re not leaving the house like we used to, there seems to be no shortage of strange places for these items to get lost.

Tile makes tiny trackers that help locate your most important (and most often lost) belongings. Each tracker connects to iOS or Android through Bluetooth to show the location of your lost item.

If the tracker is within 150 or 200 feet, you can trigger a beaconing noise depending on the exact model. Further than that, and you can use the app to see your item’s last location with GPS. Tile also offers premium services to help track down or reimburse you for items that are otherwise long-gone.

Tile has plenty of great Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts going on this year. Use the newest [amazon link=”B08BNVQDWT” title=”Tile Mate”] to keep track of your keys or purse, or place the [amazon link=”B07WLYYP9R” title=”Tile Slim”] in your wallet for peace-of-mind.

For everything else, the Tile Sticker is your best option. You can use these trackers on everything from your TV remote to your child’s skateboard.

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7. Petcube cameras

[amazon fields=”B07QZ4BWY1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07QZ4BWY1″ value=”button”]

If you’re like most pet owners, you probably wonder what your four-legged friends are up to when you’re not home.

Sure, you could use your household security cameras to sneak a peek. But wouldn’t it be nice to have something a bit more interactive?

Petcube makes standalone cameras explicitly designed to monitor and interact with your cat or dog. The camera connects to your smartphone, providing live video and audio. You can even use the built-in speaker to talk to your pet through the app.

If you’re interested in a basic pet camera for your home, you can find the [amazon link=”B088C4NHRS” title=”Petcube Cam”] on tons of smart gadgets’ Black Friday lists.

On the other hand, the [amazon link=”B07QZ4BWY1″ title=”Petcube Bites 2″] offers an additional feature you and your pet are both sure to enjoy. With this upgraded camera, you can dispense treats using the app. You can use this feature to spoil your pet or reward good behavior even when you’re not home. It’s up to you!

8. Hatch Restore

[amazon fields=”B087M94WWW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B087M94WWW” value=”button”]

If you’re still jolting awake to a buzzing alarm or your phone’s ringtone, you’re doing it wrong. One way you might be able to improve your waking experience is by using a sunrise alarm clock.

There are plenty of big names making sunrise alarms these days, including Philips and Homelabs, but Hatch has built itself a loyal customer base with surprising speed.

The original [amazon link=”B087M94WWW” title=”Hatch Restore”] lets you customize a wake-up schedule with light and sounds. At night, you can also use this alarm clock as a gentle reading light that won’t interfere with sleep. While controlling the alarm clock from your smartphone is quite easy, you can also make adjustments from the device itself.

Hatch alarm clocks don’t go on sale very often, so Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect opportunities to snag these gadgets at a discount.

9. Hatch Baby Rest

[amazon fields=”B07WFXGNGF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07WFXGNGF” value=”button”]

Speaking of the Hatch brand, adults aren’t the only ones benefitting from these smart bedtime gadgets. Parents are also big fans of the company and its line of baby products.

The [amazon link=”B06XMRCC94″ title=”Hatch Baby Rest”] works like a smaller version of the brand’s alarm clock. You can control the device’s brightness, volume, and other settings from the smartphone app — no need to go into the room and disturb a sleeping child.

For even more functionality, look for Black Friday sales on the [amazon link=”B07WFXGNGF” title=”Hatch Baby Rest+”]. Like the basic model, this device includes the same nightlight, white noise, and ultra-gentle alarm features. However, you can also check-in from your smartphone with the built-in two-way audio.

10. Blink Home Security

[amazon fields=”B086P992GD” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B086P992GD” value=”button”]

Resting easy is simple when you have home security cameras, but not everyone wants to fill their house with large, unsightly camcorders. Blink Home Security cameras are a compact, smart-tech alternative to more traditional home monitoring systems.

If you want to keep an eye on your home’s exterior, the [amazon link=”B086DKSYTS” title=”Blink Outdoor”] camera offers daytime and nighttime video monitoring. This camera is battery-powered, but just one set of AA batteries can run the device for up to two years.

For your home’s interior, we recommend the [amazon link=”B07X27VK3D” title=”Blink Mini”]. This camera features recorded video, two-way audio, and built-in motion-detection, all in an extra-small package.

Amazon owns Blink Home Security, so these cameras are compatible with other Amazon smart home technology. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll be able to find tons of great bundles. One such bundle includes the [amazon link=”B086P992GD” title=”Echo Show 5 + Blink”]Mini.

Save Big on Smart Home Gadgets: Black Friday

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Smart home technology is becoming more and more mainstream, with the perfect device existing for nearly everyone.

Whether you’re a renter, first-time buyer, or renovating your lifelong home, smart gadgets can instantly improve your quality of life. Some gadgets, like smart thermostats, will even help you adopt more eco-friendly habits.

Remember: While we recommend snagging your must-have items as early as possible, be sure to take the time to ensure you’re really getting the best deal. In some cases, waiting to buy your smart gadgets on Cyber Monday could result in even more savings!

What smart home technology is on your holiday shopping list this year? Are there any new or upcoming releases you’re particularly looking forward to this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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