8 Top Smart Home Gadgets for Plants: Never Forget the Light Again

A watering can and a cactus, which would be easier to grow with Smart Home Gadgets for Plants

The past year showed us how much we all love plants. We spend our time searching for the wish-list plants and being surprised when we unexpectedly find a beautiful plant. Now it is time to sort out the most efficient way to care for and manage your plants’ needs with smart home gadgets for plants.

Caring for your garden is even easier than you ever imagined with the help of some cool smart home gadgets for plants that link your smart home and smartphone to the routine of your plant-caring life.

How Much Care Do Plants Need?

A plant, in a black pot, sitting on a brown table.

Typically, not all plants are a challenge for which to care.

However, plants all have unique needs.

For instance, plants need light for photosynthesis. Also, indoor light needs can change throughout the year. You have to contend with weaker light in the winter, and some plants go dormant in the winter.

Many plant owners use indoor lights either part or all year, depending on indoor light conditions. Having a light set-up that takes the guesswork out of how to leave the lights on is helpful.

Furthermore, plants are sometimes fussy about water.  Plants often need weekly watering.

However, the watering cycle that is good for some plants is terrible for others. You usually have one plant that faints dramatically the second they are thirsty and another that will drown if you even bring a watering can nearby.

Plants need humidity to stay healthy and depending on where you live, that can be a challenge sometimes during the year. Plants prefer humidity around 40 to 60 percent. When the furnace or fireplace is going in the winter, the air inside can get dry.

Why Do I Need My Home Connected?

Three succulents in square pots

Technology has a way of sneaking into our lives. In some cases, it is intrusive. However, in many ways, technology helps our lives run smoother.

Connecting the smart features of your home allows us to be more efficient. For instance, shutting off forgotten lights through an app on a smartphone makes sense.

Monitoring the security of your home or even pulling down the shades remotely is a tremendous convenience.

Lastly, there is a significant peace of mind knowing you can check your doors, ensure the forgotten hair straightener is shut off, and even water your house plants.

Therefore, finding smart home gadgets for plants is a natural progression of what is already becoming second nature.

Therefore, you can use the same technology you use to manage daily routines to help you care for your plants.

1. WANFEI Plant Monitor

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The WANFEI Plant Monitor is your go-to for monitoring your soil.

When you monitor your soil, you need to know more than watering needs.

The WANFEI plant monitor monitors the light conditions, temperature, humidity, and soil’s nutrient level with its sensors. Moreover, the sensors are sensitive and accurate.

Also, the device connects to an app, and the app does more than show you the display. There is a database of thousands of plants so that you can look up all your different plants’ unique needs.

Furthermore, this fantastic option of smart home gadgets for plants records the data and saves all the information about different plants.

The plant monitor is just over five inches tall, including the part that goes into the plant’s soil. Also, it is just barely less than an inch wide. The part that sticks up from the soil is white, and it is relatively low profile and attractive.

When you order the device, it will come with a small, round lithium battery. Once you get it ready, push the plant monitor into the soil and get the app ready. The monitor with flash a couple of times to let you know it is connected to your app, and it will begin transferring information.

2. Relassy Self Watering Plant Pot

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Forgetting to water your plants is a common issue, as is overwatering. However, the Relassy self-watering plant pot takes the guesswork out of this task.

This innovation is one of many unique smart home gadgets for plants because it is clever enough to give your plant the right moisture amount.

The planter has a sensor, and it absorbs moisture from the air. This moisture is then stored at the bottom of the pot until needed by your plant.

All you have to do with this pot is plug it in. You do not need to add moisture in the beginning.

The sensor checks for humidity and moisture, and the cotton core on the inside wicks the moisture to the plant’s roots.

When you plug this pot in, the light turns blue, which means it is doing its intelligent smart-pot thing.

Also, the power cord is USB, so the cord is not bulky.

Furthermore, there are breathing holes near the bottom of this gadget to help keep oxygen at the roots, which is healthy for plants.

The pot is white and is just over six inches in diameter. The height of this pot is seven inches tall.

3. Govee Smart Hygrometer

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The Govee Smart Hydrometer is also a thermometer, and it measures humidity. Since plants like stable humidity, a hydrometer takes the guessing out of what your plant needs.

This option for smart home gadgets for plants connects to an app on your phone. Moreover, the app stores data for up to 20 days, so you can track trends.

Through the app, you can keep an eye on the indoor temperature and humidity. Also, you can set alerts when the temperature or humidity gets too low or too high, which is helpful if you are traveling.

If you have a thermostat as one of your smart-home gadgets, you can make temperature adjustments even if you are not home.

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Also, the Govee Smart Hydrometer is very accurate. The sensor is Swiss-made and very precise.

The meter also has a large display that is very user-friendly. It is a three-inch display and connects to Bluetooth up to around 260 feet.

Lastly, this hydrometer is portable, so you can move it from room to room to suit your needs.

4. Quantum PAR Meter

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Growing conditions are essential for plants, which includes how much light a specific plant need. Therefore, the Quantum PAR Meter is vital to ensure your plants get exactly the right amount of light to thrive.

The Quantum handheld light meter might not be a fancy smart home gadget for plants, but it does a necessary job and lets you get on with caring for your plants.

The meter measures the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), which is the amount of light you have where the plant is located that it can use for photosynthesis.

Furthermore, this light meter is accurate and easy to use.

5. Gosund Mini Wi-Fi Outlet

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Part of having a smart-connected home is the ability to control what you have plugged into your outlets. The Gosund wi-fi outlets allow you to manage your plant lights with ease.

These smart plugs work with your Google Home or Alexa. As an alternative, you can connect via an app for your smartphone.

For plant parents, these plugs are fantastic to use for your grow lights or other devices you have for your plants that are not already “smart.” While smart grow lights are excellent, if you already have manual lights, you can use these plugs and set a schedule or timer from anywhere.

All you have to do is plug these in and download the app. The plugs connect to the app automatically.

6. AeroGarden Harvest Hydroponic Garden

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If you want to try your hand at growing plants hydroponically, but do not have the patience for the set-up, consider the AeroGarden Harvest Hydroponic Garden.

Setting up a hydroponic garden on your own isn’t exactly challenging if you have the time. However, with the AeroGarden harvest garden having several smart home gadgets for plants in one, it makes sense to consider.

This hydroponic harden is perfect for your table or countertop. The base is 6 inches by just over 10 inches. Also, the total height of the garden is just over 17 inches.

If you want to tuck this under the counter, measure the counter’s distance to the bottom of the cabinets. The arm that holds the light is adjustable, but you want room for your plants to grow.

This garden grows six plants at a time and uses only water.

To use, simply add water when the garden tells you it is low and turn the LED grow lights on.

There is a very simple to use panel, and the lights turn on and off automatically. The panel tells you when to add water and plant food.

This does not connect to an app or other smart device, but it is so simple that a little effort results in large yields for growing green leafy vegetables and herbs.

7. Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier

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The Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier helps manage the humidity levels in your home.

We already know plants like humidity, but there are times during the year the humidity is not naturally present. Therefore, we must add humidity.

The Smartmi humidifier is a cool-mist humidifier with a large tank that holds four liters of water. When you use the humidifier on low, you have 24 hours before adding more water.

You fill the tank from the top or the bottom and set it going.

Also, the humidifier has a water level indicator and a power button on it. However, you can download the app and set your humidifier to work even if you are not nearby.

The humidifier is super quiet, and it is easy to clean, which you should do weekly.

Lastly, this option for smart home gadgets for plants is just shy of t10 inches square and is 14 inches tall.

8. The myLumii Smart LED Grow Light

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The myLumii Smart LED Grow Light is on the list of smart home gadgets for plants because, well, plants need light.

As mentioned, plants have light needs, and as the seasons change, it gets harder to get the right amount of light for your plants.

The myLumii grow light has impressive LEDs that cover a full spectrum of light. The range includes a red light that helps with flowers and new plant buds.

There is an app for this grow light, and you can control all aspects of your grow light via the app.

For example, you can set your plant light on a timer schedule and turn it on and off as you wish.

Also, the app lets you know the temperature and humidity levels in the space.

Moreover, as the temperature and humidity levels fluctuate, you can set up “if-then what” scenarios to accommodate your plants’ needs based on room conditions.

If apps are not your style, this grow light connects via Amazon so that you can talk to your Alexa to turn the lights on and off.

The myLumii grow light is just over 12 inches long and just over 8 inches wide. Also, it weighs five pounds and comes with a hanging chain.

We Need All the Smart Home Gadgets for Plants

Succulents and cacti in pots, sitting in a window.

Plants, especially over this past year, have cropped up in houses all over the country. Some plant hobbyists are new as the pandemic drove them towards a new hobby. Other plant-parents have been in the game for years.

Whenever your journey began, smart home gadgets for plants make caring for plants easy.

Figuring out the right amount of humidity, water, or light is no longer guesswork because there is an app for that. As the chores related to plants ease, we all have more time to sit and enjoy our plants’ company.

If plants are not your thing, consider the plant-parents in your life because smart home gadgets for plants make great gifts.

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What smart home gadgets for plants are your favorites? Answer in the comments.

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